We're hiring a junior community manager!

Jobs without salaries or “competitive” written in the salary band are literally pointless. No matter how good the job is if you can’t afford to live on it. Helps you know whether to even bother applying if there is at least a rough salary band


I’m in a similar situation at my work - I have to put ‘competitive’ on job ads as we are such a small team. If someone asks though, I will immediately let them know a narrow range.


Jobs saying “competitive” are not, if they were they would state the salary.

Salaries really should be given, so people know if it is appropriate for them to apply


This makes slightly more sense. I know of some companies who say “Competitive” then ask what your current salary is, so they can offer you as little as possible between their salary range which they don’t disclose publicly

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I’ve never actually seen a salary specified on any of Monzo’s job postings? Quick glance at their careers page didn’t show any with a salary band, although I may have missed those particular ones?

Put it this was we all know it will be a junior role at junior money so between £22-£25k


Sorry too sound like a party pooper here but can we keep this on topic?

Those of us actually interested in applying are having our voices drowned out.


I see what you did there… Showing your community manager attributes!

I like it :wink:


There’s been one or two with an advertised salary range but they’re in the minority.

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Post is full time! @tomsr

We’re pretty open with salaries and make a point of discussing with all applicants who make it through to the initial phone call so that we can understand their expectations too.

We are proud to be a living wage employer but all of our employees earn above the living wage. We benchmark all roles against external market averages and this along with options informs how we create our salary frameworks, two points it might be worth mentioning across more of our job ads (hardly any of them currently list salary).

The main reason for this is that we offer three salaries so people can pick their compensation packages as it’s in line with stock options. If you put a figure down even if it states ‘around’ it can sometimes put people off. So we leave it open. That being said if you want to know a banding for a role you’re thinking of applying for please feel free to fire me a DM and we can give you that info!


So if you can pick I want £50k, stock options, free Pepsi and Jelly Bellys :sunglasses:


I think a lot of people are put off by a lack of salary too. I’ve previously asked what the salary band is for a job, but I don’t think asking for it privately is really a good approach. It’s only because I knew I could ask someone that I did it.


:+1:I do hope someone already active here takes the job, I wouldn’t want to have to get used to a random person turning up :stuck_out_tongue:



Why don’t you apply?

It’s a full time post, and I’m a full time student, and some of the requirements are a bit err… for me.

Is it remote based @Naji?

Seems that most of it could be done remotely, with only the events side of things requiring a trip to London.

The actual listing says it involves travel around the UK…

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Open Offices in different cities.


Yeah, but I’d hazard a guess that won’t be a huge part of it.

Proactively reaching out to community members doing amazing things, to see how we can help turn their event ideas into a reality.
Providing front-line support for thousands of community members on our forum: answering queries, escalating issues, and moderating discussion.
Monitoring and replying to online reviews on Trustpilot and mobile app stores.

That will take up most of the time, and that’s all a “home based” job…


Going to event’s wherever they are hosted I guess?