We're hiring a Community Manager (know anyone?)

A quick post from me - we’re looking for a Community Manager to join the team. I was hoping someone here (a) might be keen, or (b) know someone spectacular!

The role is posted here: https://mondo.workable.com/jobs/227147

In a nutshell, this person will:

  • get to know our users really well, chatting to them and answering their questions on social media, our community forum, in-app support, and even interviewing some of them one-on-one to understand their financial lives and what we can do to help
  • put their creative ideas into action: figuring out what we can do with our community, and creating engaging content to achieve this (videos, podcasts, blogs, photo diaries, competitions… the list is endless!)
  • organise events and meet-ups to bring our users closer to our team and each other

Any tips, let me know! :blush: