We're adding two new fees, which only affect a minority of customers

paused in March 2019


Is it cheaper for them to just have them posted at approx 43p postage plus wages for the person that scans them in.

I’ve only paid in a cheque twice into Monzo and it’s worked fine both times. (Posting then is a lot more easy when you live miles from anything)

The cheques are scanned directly into NatWest who provide the scanning cheque clearing service for Monzo as Monzo are not directly linked to a cheque clearing service as far as I know


I don’t know how much companies pay for free post envelopes but a standard 2nd class stamp is now 65p…

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One question?

Does a card swallowed by a ATM count as a replacement due to damage or being lost.

This is sometimes out of the customers control in the event of a malfunction.

I’d argue this is very much covered and you wouldn’t have to pay. Just make sure you explain that in the chat rather than just ordering one without explaining