“Well done” end of month notification

“Well done. You ended the month with a balance of XYZ”

Well done? That money might have come from an inheritance for all Monzo know (or stolen goods, or money laundering, or forgetting to pay a bill).

It seems like a poor choice of words to me.

Also, while i’m posting on trivial matters, are we seeing delays updating merchant data again?


Thanks a lot for flagging this, you’re right about the potential use cases where this doesn’t make sense. That report screen needs work anyway so maybe we can try and fix everything in one go.

In general these things are very very tricky to get right because the moment we try and inject a bit of colour to a message or interaction we’re at risk of crossing a line and doing something insensitive. It’s similar to comedy, if there’s no risk there’s no joke… but if the risk is too high the joke stops being funny. There’s a great TED talk about this whole idea.

This also happens with the cha-ching sounds of positive notifications. If it gets triggered because, I don’t know, a life-insurance was just paid into your account because your spouse died a month ago… well, that wouldn’t feel great, would it? :frowning:

Should we remove the sounds completely and make our notifications dull but completely risk-free because of that use case? It’s a very tricky balance.


I’d never considered the fact that the “cha ching” could be related to a negative feeling payment.

Would I care? Possibly not, but I’m sure others would.

If you remove all the little quirks to try and please everyone, you could end up pleasing no one.

Having a “toggle” is a good idea, but then that seems to be the standard answer to a lot of things, and 2019 could see Monzo drowned in toggles!


Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t give a shit about what noise my phone made if my spouse had died, in fact it would be the furthest thing from my mind.

Then again you do get some sensitive souls out there now that get upset at the sight of a leaf falling from a tree in Autumn.


Interesting point, @aCCount - one which looks trivial until it gets discussed. For my money, the “Well done” message is potentially clunky and unecessary anyway.

The sounds associated with a transaction? To avoid the baby/bathwater thing, it feels like a toggle would do the trick.

For me the cha–ching is just a noise I associate with Monzo. I don’t find it particularly ‘happy’ so it wouldn’t bother me in the example you gave.

And on iOS at least, you can toggle notification sounds.

But “well done” feels utterly patronising to me, as if Monzo assumes its client base can’t help but overspend every month, warranting a congratulatory message.


This^ It’s more of an issue than the bizarre use cases i described. “Well done” is just an odd remark to automatically attach to someone’s bank balance.


I must be the only one who just… saw it as a nice message for having something left over. Didn’t see it as patronising or actually give it much thought.


I quite like the cha-ching noise for money going into/coming out of your account.

However, for other types of notification (eg: 3D Secure, Shared Tabs, Direct Debit setup, bill split requests etc…) I’ve been worried when I hear the cha-ching noise because I associate it with money moving. A different notification sound for notifications where money doesn’t move would be really nice.

NB: Completely agree with what some people are saying about the “Well done” message sounding a little patronising.

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I think Well done is okay to use, in the right context - say if you’ve set a saving target and reached it after a few weeks/months. The issue is more that excess balance isn’t necessarily positive action.

Trying to think of a different negative pay sound (as no one seems too concerned about life insurance payouts), I’d guess your last paycheck after being fired and being jobless. Cha-ching! No more money!

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I’ve been pushing for removal of sound effects for a while. I hate them, especially since they can happen multiple times (one for 3D secure notification, one for transaction notification, tap on the transaction notification it happens again, etc). Plus, it tends to ignore the silent switch on my phone as it’s an app sound effect rather than a notification alert sound. So yes, 100% kill the sound effects. I am on iOS btw. I keep the notification sounds on as I want to hear when things happen, but when I’m in app, don’t play them from the app.

I rarely hear the sounds because my phone is usually on silent, but i’m inclined to agree that they add little. Monzo do lots of things well, and they don’t need to be defined by emoji, bright neon colours, and gimmicky sounds.

Having said that, the sound of coins falling represents the movement of money, so I don’t think you could really be offended by that - even if it was a life insurance pay out.

“Well done,” on the other hand, is patronising and risks being inappropriate.

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