Weekly recurring payments skew money left for month

When recurring payments are weekly as opposed to monthly, as soon as they show as upcoming payments in the feed the app does not recognise there will be other payments than this one in the month. I.e. the app thinks this is the only payment for the rest of the month, and this skews the money left for the month. It corrects itself once the payment is made, then as soon as the payment shows up the next month the same thing happens again.
Details to reproduce:
Happens when a weekly payment shows up as upcoming.

In my screenshots below, both Moneybox and McQueen’s dairies are weekly payments and show up in my feed as upcoming payments over the next couple of days. If I then go to Summary, then Committed Spending, neither of these payments show up as due to happen again in this month (my months end on 24th). This in turn skews the money left for the month in the feed and suggests that I have more money left than I do.
iOS 15.1.1
App Version: