Website Typo

(Jack) #1

Small typo spotted on the website here

(Richard Cook) #2


We’ll get that fixed, thanks!


While you’re at it, the “How to TFL Transactions work?” Help article in the app also has a typo…


The typo being TFL when it should be TfL?

(James) #5

As well as the TFL vs TfL there’re also the ones underlined…

(#savetheseabass) #6

And ‘This will automatically balance out with 7 days’ instead of within.

But I did once type a letter ‘Dear Dr Dr’ so I’m not judging :grin:

(James) #7

Yes, just spotted that after I posted, have edited to underline that too!

Of course, it’s easy enough to do, highlighting it more to (hopefully) be helpful rather than judgemental! :blush:


A double doctorate like a priest with a medical degree or a doctor with a religious degree :wink:


Thanks! That’s far more effort than I could summon last night :joy:

(Hugh Wells) #10

Thanks! Sorry about the niggles :see_no_evil: We’re going to get this fixed :+1: