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Could an unlearned individual achieve read only access of their date?

in other words, how hard and how much time would it take?

(Allie) #163

To write your own interface, you’d need to do some tutorials - maybe a week to learn. If your needs are really simple, anyone could play around in the API sandbox and get a basic ‘web interface’ with nothing to learn :smiley:

(Abe) #164

Apologies if this idea has already been mentioned, too many posts to read :wink:

Case Study: - You are able to use WhatsApp as an online messenger, it requires you to have the app installed on your phone first
Rational: - Using the same method. Which is already a requirement (the app of Monzo on the phone). Should you wish to use monzo online, you must mirror phone (there and then) scanning the code onscreen, links with phone/ app/ PC/ tablet (whatever device).
This might be the best form of security and would always need scanning (Q Code) via phone for every use.

(Simon) #165

Except, one of the main use cases for a web interface is if you lose/ brake your phone and need access while you organise a new one.
If my phone broke I would need access to a pot in order to buy a new one. Not sure how I would solve this at the moment. Probably borrow a phone to login on but this isn’t really ideal

(Abe) #166

Good point, then you can get a one off access without


If you’re a challenger bank aiming for a billion customers, to discount access to accounts via a web interface is limiting.

To expect people to build their own web interfaces is naïve, not every customer has such skills. I don’t.

(Abe) #168

Can you use your WhatsApp web chat online? If so, it would be the same process. No building by the individual! Thats all done by :monzo: :smile:

(Allie) #169

The reason WhatsApp has that awful experience is to support the end to end encryption. Not an issue for a banking app.

(Abe) #170

What’s awful to one person is simple to another. Whilst I am experienced in many of the online-fine-arts, I always use my dad as a benchmark (lol). And if he can use this webchat (whilst useing just 2x fingers), then anyone can.

The safety protocols of WhatsApp just highlight how safe, secure and simple this process. Granted, there are OTHER ways of doing it and my idea is and only an A). Idea and B). Example of what an online banking facility could be?!?!

Moreover, I do realise that Monzo Banking is for the digital age, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s a laborious/ high-tech process and to be fair nothing Monzo have produced has been along those said lines

(Allie) #171

Wow, it’s amazing how perspective can vary. I consider WhatsApp Web to be the definition of a laborious and poorly designed system. Yes, I love that only I have the key, but how dependent on the phone it is is absurd. End to end encryption with a much cleaner key exchange system to allow multiple true logons would greatly simplify the user experience.

(Louis Otto) #172

Tide uses this method for their online banking, you scan a QR code from your logged in app on your phone and then perform your tasks online, it’s pretty good in my opinion.


Dutch Bank Bunq uses similar QR scan for access to some of their features.

(Allie) #174

Wow, bad UX and security theatre for no reason. WhatsApp makes you do this because of how the client to client end to end encryption works. As this is obviously a non-issue for banks (since you are talking to the service provider themselves, thus no need to keep the key secret from them), the entire reason for this is silly.

Now, it could make an interesting form of 2FA - but not as an every time, ‘you still need your phone to access your account’ system like WhatsApp.

(Valeri) #175

Alipay/Taobao/Tmall all use QR codes as preferred login option (even though if you want you can go back to username/password). I find it extremely convenient as I don’t have to remember my login credentials at all since I’m already logged in to the app. I am more than happy with that. I however dislike how whatsapp dies if your phone does, it feels that after you are logged in it shouldn’t have to use your phone as proxy.

(Louis Otto) #176

Don’t forget that UX is subjective - personally I find it quite easy to use and saves me faffing with a password manager across the different machines I use day to day, lowering a barrier to entry for the user - Good UX.

Security is an entirely different conversation…


Joined the community just to add my voice/vote to the request for a web app, even if it is basic. I joined Monzo knowing perfectly well it was transferring from pre-paid to current account, and I have even upgraded - but I really struggle to find reasons use Monzo more. I was thinking of using Monzo as a wedding savings and spending account, but the lack of web access does give me serious pause - my legacy bank’s web and mobile apps are reasonably efficient (though not today, ironically). But if I lose my phone, I essentially lose access to Monzo until I replace it (which I know from experience is a total PITA). I’m not even sure what I would do if, for example, my phone and card were stolen at the same time.

I have no interest in learning to code my own web interface, and even less inclination to try out a third-party app - I’ve signed up for a new bank account, not a software development course. Like others in the thread, I’m really surprised a web interface seems to be such a low priority - in the long-term, fine, but I get the sense that it’s not being seriously entertained at all, which is disheartening.

I get that Monzo is primarily mobile-based (and in beta and a startup and everything else), but lack of web access (heck, even a substantial web presence outside of the current site and community) seems like a real stumbling block in convincing people to use Monzo as their main bank.

(Allie) #178

In truth, we talk like there isn’t a web interface already… It’s worth noting there is a read-only web interface already, and when the API is made writable, there will be a full-featured web interface.

It’s just a ‘pretty’ web interface that’s missing.


What’s the URL?

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One of Monzo’s main selling points is that their mobile app is prettier/more usable than the competition. I don’t think that making it “pretty” is as unimportant as you seem to suggest