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(Allie) #142

We live in a mobile-first world, like it or not. My computer is more for tinkering and being a nerd, and my phone for serious work. Oh, how times have changed.

(Leonard) #143

Merged your posts here by the way :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jolin) #144

I think the issue is that if the app is 99% of the focus, how is there time/resource to develop a fully-fledged web client? It’s something that requires a huge amount of resources to do right and maintain.

If you need to do budgeting/reconciliation/anything on a computer, the best way is to export a CSV file of your transactions from the app (this can be done on a monthly basis, or for any defined period using the search feature). You can use then this in a spreadsheet on your computer. Given that Monzo have stated that they currently have no plans to develop a full web interface, I think coming up with some sort of workflow based around CSV exports is your best bet.

(Dawid) #145

I feel exactly the same, to me it’s crazy… It might look like this is mobile-first world but that’s probably because it’s easier to see people on their mobiles everywhere, but you don’t see all the people managing their banking at home, or work, using computers.

To me this whole mobile-revolution is one big assumption because mobiles are more visible…

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #146

There is logic, and data I’ve seen floating around, we are in-fact in a mobile first world. Something like 70% (don’t quote me I’m not the stats man haha) of regular internet traffic is now accessed on a mobile device.

However, this does not mean everyone uses apps, I can assure you, I know (old)people who have an iPhone “Because it’s the trend” but don’t know how to use apps but regularly use Safari.

Perhaps someone needs to access their banking on a friend or strangers device, with a web-browser you can simply login and out, however with an app, perhaps someone doesn’t use Monzo, you’d have to ask them to download it and then login. Its not the same. I can see why Monzo has taken their approach, and the API will allow third parties to develop some super awesome stuff including web-banking. So it’s not the end of the world, just patience.

(Allie) #147

Ultimately, remember, if web banking is a need you have, you’ll be able to build it yourself with the API.

(Brandon Billingham) #148

That’s a very strong assumption that people who need a web app can build one. In reality the community will either pull together to build one or a third party will.

(Allie) #149

As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ - if someone needs it, they’ll learn how to build it.

(Jolin) #150

I think it’s more likely that if someone absolutely needs a web app, they will go elsewhere. The vast majority of the population are not going to learn how to program just so they can access their bank.

(Harry) #151

I was thinking of building one, but I’m a .NET (C#) Developer, and I don’t think the community would be too willing to write MVC to help me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Tony Hoyle) #152

There’s already a monzo c# client library, so chucking a few pages together in asp.net sounds like it’d be perfectly viable.

I know lots of languages, but my page design skills are terrible, so although I could write one you probably wouldn’t want to use it…

(Valeri) #153

Put it on github and let people contribute to it - there is a good chance it could grow into something cool :wink:

(Harry) #154

The current Library has neither pots nor support for Dot Net Core, so I started writing my own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And I’ll probably give it a go over Christmas. Just trying to figure out how to design one, making it clear that it is for Monzo, without making Monzo file a copyright claim haha

(Tony Hoyle) #155

Monzo publish the API so people can use it, don’t see why they would be worried. They’re not asshats.

btw. It wouldn’t be copyright (you can’t copyright an API in the EU), just trademark, and that’s covered by being sensible… don’t claim to be official, that kind of thing.

(Harry) #156

I didn’t mean the API, I meant the Online Bankig app itself. It would have to be branded Monzo to make it clear that’s what it is, but for example I want to use the URL Monzo.online, but Monzo might think that looks too much like an official service

(Hugh) #157

Either way, the API only lets you use your account to OAuth - other people can’t sign in with their accounts :slight_smile:

(Harry) #158

You can whitelist a small number of users for now (to help dev/Test), then when the API goes Live, it’ll be ready for everyone to use :slight_smile:


Hi, I are they any updates on the web portal access?

(MikeF) #160

No. There are still no plans for this as far as anyone knows.

(Allie) #161

Depending on what you need, you could build it yourself using the API today if read-only access is sufficient. For that matter, if you don’t want to write anything and if you only had an occasional, basic, read-only need, you could just use the API sandbox as if it was a web portal.