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and web access would make up for the lack of a Windows 10 app for Windows phone users

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The problem with web banking is how do you authenticate… Monzo doesn’t have a password, it relies on initial authentication via email then the security on the mobile device as sufficient proof of identity (since it’s sufficient proof to activate android/apple pay already monzo adding another layer doesn’t add anything).

The web is the wild west… it doesn’t have any inbuilt authentication so you end up relying on things like ‘enter the third and fifth character of your password’. Banks know this isn’t sufficient so they rely on 2FA - mostly with hardware dongles, but some with apps now.

Monzo has a form of 2FA already… the phone. Great. but a major reason often given for wanting a web app is ‘what if I lose my phone’. Well, you just lost your identity. Losing a phone these days is a major deal, which is why you plan for it by knowing how to invalidate all your paswords and logins and bootstrap your identity onto a new phone (something I hope I’ll never have to do, but I have a plan just in case).

But then if you’ve done that, you can install the monzo app… so…


Even Bill Gates has ditched windows phone not sure browser access to Monzo account because of Windows Phone has much worth anymore

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I loved Windows Phone, I somehow broke my old one hence moving to Android. But, if they still made new phones and supported it I would have stuck with Windows Phone. Clean Simple UI, Fast and has all the basic functions I personally need. (Social Media, Spotify, Texts, Skype, Discord, Email, What’s App and Slack)


The W3C is working on this and eventually you’ll be able to get USB/NFC dongles that implement it in the same way as current FIDO U2F security keys do.

Hopefully any Monzo web interface will use these methods of authentication rather than the horrible card-reading calculator device all other banks use.

The way it could work is on the web banking portal

  • you enter the email address used to register for Monzo
  • a notification requesting confirmation appears on your phone’s Monzo app
  • you enter a new web-only password on the site
  • you get taken to a security section allowing you to add hardware security keys, TOTP, etc.

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I imagine online you’d simply use a magic email link as the 1st factor and your PIN as a 2nd factor for transferring money.

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I’m still interested in working on a web version using their API, however I’m currently working on other projects and the API being read-only and unfinished, I wouldn’t have the personal satisfaction of creating one as of yet.

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Morning everyone
I was wondering how the online banking idea is currently going or if will exist at all?
I on one hand really enjoy and love the mobile app, however, If I was to go away and leave my phone behind will there be a platform online so that I can login anywhere without a phone?

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I would not be holding my breath for a fully functioning web platform while both mobile apps are still in their infancy and dev resources are focused on building out current and up-coming features.

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I personally don’t see Monzo themselves making a web app. With that said once they release an API for the current account, I expect lots of developers will jump at the opportunity to make a web app for Monzo customers to use.


Please merge this as necessary because I’m sure the topic exists (I certainly couldn’t find it) but how far down the road are we from the ability to log in within our browser?

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I wouldn’t hold your breath if I was you - it’s not even on their roadmap.


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There is an ideas topic

And response about what they are doing about it but it’s a bit old

Maybe @naji can expand on what he said and any progress

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I was at the Glasgow Meetup earlier this evening, and this question was asked. We were told that a fully fledged Desktop client isn’t planned, though someone in the community could create something via the APIs.

However they did say we should expect “sometime soon” some sort of client where we could do limited things such as freeze cards or request new cards. The idea is that it won’t provide the functionality of the app, but more for if you lose your phone and card. So it’s an ‘Emergency’ client, rather than a banking client.

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That sounds sensible and certainly something that could potentially be built out further :slight_smile:


I can’t believe people aren’t screaming for this. I’m more than happy for the app 99% of the focus, that’s how I’d even prefer it, but to have no plans for any kind of real browser based interface seems crazy. There are times when it just makes sense to get able to manage your money with your computer.