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(Hugh) #102

I think this is something coming to accounts generally

(Nigel Jones) #103

I’ve used the prepay card for a while, but recently had my monzo current a/c setup. I’ve been experimenting with a few transactions and realised one thing I miss from my traditional banking is a Web UI. I know with my bank I can use my mobile (iOS), my surface (windows), my laptop (MacOS), my desktop (windows)… ie I have a lot of flexibility and not dependent on a single device for something as important as my main account.

The monzo CA does not have this, which makes me uncomfortable… is this in the plan to address?

Also I tend to use the desktop for more serious financial planning purposes … and having more info on screen, graphs, drill down etc would be useful.

(Marta) #104

Hi Nigel! :wave:

I moved your post here, so it adds to other feedback about this idea (and will be easier for Monzo to find too! :smile: ). Thank you for sharing your ideas! :smile_cat:

(Samuel Diaz Hernandez) #105

Just adding another vote for a full desktop interface, wether it is in the form of a web or an app (available in Mac & Linux please, if it is an app in the end)

Besides, how about a tablet interface for iPad?

The present looks great in the phone app, but the future looks promising with some additions like I’ve read above!

(Chris) #106

Hi there

I know that you think everyone uses the mobile phone for everything, but some people like to manage their finances on the desktop, in a normal browser, export to csv/Excel etc.

Any chance we’ll see a traditional web gui for accessing our transaction data?



(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #107

I’d like to see an official web dashboard that allows us to manage things the same as we can on mobile, without requiring a third party to manage and update the system. The API is great as I can connect it with my Home Assistant and applications, however a web dashboard is just as important as an app and should be officially released.

I’ve got a design, I’ve not found time to work on my own version using the API, however I’ve also stated many times, a progressive web application is just as important as a mobile downloaded application, in my eyes anyway.

It’s still on my “Todo” list to work on a web dashboard if there’s no road map future for an official one, but it’s all about managing my time to get it done, also they’ve stated about updating the API in the future and don’t want large changes that would require whole rewrites. However I guess the data would be structured the same.

Also as a third party I couldn’t process payments, freeze a card, or do anything you may need to do, the best I could offer is a visual.

(Hugh) #108

If it’s written in PHP I could help…?

(Colin Robinson) #109

@crablab From the post in Web / Onling Banking 2:

Here’s my design, I’m in the process of mocking up the design in HTML before I attempt to integrate using PHP, however, I’m deciding if I should wait for the full a API as I’m aware there may be LOADS of new changes.


Another +1 for web banking from me.

My gf has taken her phone for a swim and is going to be without it for a couple of days whilst we wait to see if it will dry out. The emergency phone’s an old school nokia so a way of logging in without a smartphone would be super useful. Plus she owes me money and I can’t get it without her Monzo!

(Bob) #111

You could log out of your app and let her log in?
The downside is that you may not get your phone back for a few days :rofl:

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #112

I’ve had a few offers of help @crablab , however I’m still trying to decide the best way to go. I’ll give you a heads up when I get round to “working” on it rather than mocking-up haha!

I’ve been looking at Google Firebase, using NodeJS Functions - Authentication is handled by Google, which would request user tokens, and store them against a user account they make on whatever I come up with, stored on google servers, limiting the chance of any exploit and access to user tokens and data.

Possibility of using it anonymously too, without an account

(Bogdan) #113

Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for the great work you’ve been doing so far. I am pleased with Monzo and their services.
Today, I got my current account card. The activation process worked smoothly.
Does Monzo have any plans to open an online banking as well instead of just using the mobile app?

Thank you!


Whilst it would be great to have one, I think the point of Monzo right now is that it is mobile app only banking.

(Dave Hopton) #115

Are there specific features you want from a desktop web version that the mobile app doesn’t/couldn’t provide?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #116

This has been discussed here…

(Bogdan) #117

Not really, but just the same features available from mobile.

(Bruce Davies) #118

Apologies for the stupid questions, but has anyone written a blog post or data sheet around how to manage the ‘app’?

Questions that come to mind include: does the approach require only one instance of the app (from a security perspective, for example), or is it flexible enough to support two concurrent installations with both having full functionality (say on an iPhone and also an iPad? Legacy mobile banking solutions create all kinds of problems in this area - you’re best to define a single device in my experience).

What happens if a device is lost, breaks, or requires a factory reset, or is upgraded? Is there a massive process to regain control? I’m currently a PP user, but we should all be more concerned with CAs now :slight_smile:

(Peter Roberts) #119

When I factory reset I just had to sign in again (with pre-paid). You sign in by clicking the one-time-link in the email and then the app is signed in IIRC

(Eddie Stubbington) #120

I might be one of the very few who wants this, I haven’t seen anyone else post about it yet. Unless I’m looking in the wrong places?

Monzo is a “Digitial only” bank correct? My only concern and one place where Monzo really falls behind the “Traditional” banks, is that they don’t have an Internet Banking Website. If my phone battery dies or I lose my phone but want to access my bank account for whatever reason at the moment on the CA I’m stuck.

  • I can’t go into a branch (They don’t exist)
  • I can’t log into a website version of my computer (Doesn’t exist)
  • I can’t download a Windows 10 Store App (Doesn’t Exist)
  • I can’t phone up and manage my account as CS is done via the app (If I can phone maybe that should be made clearer?)
  • I can’t go to the head office (It’s in London and I’m sure they don’t want to be pestered)
  • I can’t contact them via Twitter about specific issues (I assume/hope. As it’s not really secure for confidential details)

Having a responsive internet banking website would be awesome for the above scenarios and more. Also if it’s responsive and works on all devices that is an extra leap above other “Traditional” banks. At least Lloyds, Metro, Tesco and Santanders online banking efforts.


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