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It is more vulnerable than an app, simply because it has more attack vectors. Browsers have plugins, browsers have bugs, there’s the risk of fake URLs, etc., etc.

I’m not saying any of this is a compelling argument to not have a web UI, obviously the benefits outweigh the risks a thousand times over.


I’m just wondering if there has been any mention of desktop access to current and future Monzo accounts?
I understand Monzo want to be mobile first, but lets face it, there are plenty of time and use case scenarios where logging into an account on a computer is both convenient and necessary! For example, if the battery on your device dies or you lose it, you can just log into the web site and still bank. Or downloading statements etc?
Anyway, just thought I would ask as I don’t use the forum as often as I would like and have never seen this mentioned.

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I’ve moved your post here, as there’s been some discussion about this feature earlier in this topic. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Haha, yeah no worries! Just noticed. Thanks for letting me know. :+1:

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I know there have been talks before… but again now that I have the current account, I have to say before moving my life to Monzo there needs to be some web access. If I’m stuck in Timbuktu with no money and my battery dies, I need to be able to to get to my account.



I’m not attacking the idea, I want some web interface too! :smiley: BUT, if you had access to web Monzo - what for then? I’m just fishing for more user cases and further discussion really. :smiley:

If you had Monzo and money on it, the card would still work.
If you had Monzo and no money on it, what you need access to is actually another bank, so you can transfer money.

What other scenarios do you have in mind? Sending money from Monzo to your companion, if your card is lost? How we could validate that it’s us - also email link or could that be a problem because of 2FA (on email) aaaand so on.

This type of stuff really explains ‘what’ we want from Monzo Web. :wink:


Indeed, but I assume at some point I can have some kind of ‘side’ account
where I might like to store the bulk of my money.

End of the day, I’m normally quite organised with these things - but I
think there has to be another way in for emergencies, whatever the reason
may be.

Yes 2FA on my email would block it, but ideally I would have another way to
access it in the first place. Naturally 2FA on Monzo from a phone wouldn’t
work either so perhaps we need to go down the route of memorable words etc.


The problem with memorable words is, unfortunately, that people often don’t remember them.

A memorable word is simply a password, no? And people use the same memorable word for everything, don’t they? That’s the problem.

Well that’s how Barclays and Lloyds operate, so there are a lot of people
who can remember just fine!

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That’s absolutely how you should treat them. I generate and store them in my password manager in exactly the same way as passwords, just with -memorable appended to the name. There’s nothing memorable about them, and that’s fine.

My memorable word is chickennuggets

Ugh not memorable words ‘Enter the third and fifth letters of the word you thought of when you joined us 5 years ago’. No thanks.

I’m struggling to see the use of a web site actually… if your phone is dead charge it. If your phone is dead and you’re in the middle of nowhere the chances you have access to a secure PC with power to load a web site are also minimal. Going into a cyber cafe in timbuktu and logging into a bank is a quick way to lose all your money…

More serious auditing / accounting of your account. I probably wouldn’t use it personally, but it’s the sort of thing which when missing would stop many people from switching to Monzo. And they are supposedly aiming for a billion users.


VPN with a one-time password to my NAS or PC at home. :smiley: Probably PC, cause using browser would be easier than forcing QNAP to open browser via HD Station somehow. PC has the password manager, so apart from the one-time password, I wouldn’t expose anything. I agree it’s ridiculous solution, but a viable emergency solution. :sweat_smile:

I understand where you’re coming from. However, my own sense is that Monzo has only a finite development team, and building a web solution would draw valuable resource away from iOS and Android development. It would also increase cost.

I personally hope Monzo keeps its focus on finishing development for those platforms, and building great partnerships - at least in the medium term.


TonyHoyle many times my phone was broken and I had no way of buying a new one but needed access to my Mozno card, I used API to check the balance but Web access is vital for me. Mobile is handy but I still prefer doing everything on a bigger screen

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Just to add a vote here. Sometimes managing an account and finance history is just easier from a laptop or desktop. Recently I had to download statements for the last 6 months worth of transactions to move into a new home. It was all easier to do this on the Barclays Desktop site. Mobile banking is where I do 80% of my banking but when you really want to drill into your finances having it laid out on the desktop is better.


Another vote for a full featured website from me.

I’m happy with mobile only for a pre-paid Mastercard but for serious banking I want to be able to access my account and its history via a desktop (I need something to do on my lunchbreaks at work!)

I understand that some people don’t see the point, but clearly there are plenty of people who do and it would influence my decision as to whether or not to move my main bank account to Monzo. Having it available as an option has to be a positive thing.

Love the pre-paid card so far, thanks!


and IF they have a website…please make sure a running balance features so we don’t have to keep going back to day zero when auditing our accounts