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(Matt ) #202

+1 for a web interface please


This tweet from Monzo suggest Web Interface is in work and will come ‘soon’ I think it would be great to have an official Web Interface which will resolve the issue of support for people on older Android and iOS devices and everyone else who can install a browser on a mobile device would also be able to use Monzo.

(Richard Cook) #204

Just to set some expectations, the web interface is going to be mostly for emergencies.

ie. we’re building a basic web version of Monzo through which you’ll be able to see your most recent transactions and take steps to freeze or block your card.

So don’t expect full app functionality just yet!

We’ll share some more info on @MakingMonzo as soon as we can :slight_smile:

Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Does that mean other functionality is coming?

I feel a lot of people are after a web platform so they can do large transfers, which they don’t want to do on a mobile as well as cancel card etc from what people has posted before

(Richard Cook) #206

Not for now.


Shame, I get why it’s only going to basic though. As long as it’s improved over time and not just left as a stop gap, I’m sure we can all wait :slight_smile:

(Adam Kendrew) #208

Monzo gave us an early look at the web interface in their Made at Monzo newsletter:

(Jonathon) #209

I know it’s basic/emergency right now but I sure hope they expand it to use all that screen space. It can be a powerful addition to Monzo.

(Rob) #210

It will be interesting to see how this emergency web version works in regards to authentication, I.e. logging in. We don’t have a password for our Monzo account, so does it mean we will have one now?

(Jedihomer Townend) #211

I would initially assume it works the same as the mobile… It assumes because you have internet access, you have email access, so magic links work?

(Richard Bairwell) #212

I guess it’ll work the same way - you click ‘Log in’ and be sent an email. As long as you don’t have the Monzo app installed, it’ll then prompt you to login to the website (see http://developers.monzo.com/ for an example of how it’ll probably be done).

I’d like the web interface to also have the ‘Download transactions as CSV’ option available as - if you are downloading CSVs - you probably want them on your main computer instead of your phone anyway.

(Chris) #213

For those who come to this thread, there’s now a basic web interface at https://web.monzo.com/ It only allows you to see transactions/balances and freeze your card. Which is good enough for MVP I guess. Would like to see it expanded in future.

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(Mark) #215

and me…would be nice to have both app and web access to all services.


I’m not going to give up my Barclays current account for as long as they give me a free cappuccino every day, but for things like savings and investments I would love for Monzo to be a viable option - but for me personally, it is not.

Most of my money management is done on a Saturday morning using a fast PC and a 28" screen. I have nystagmus (a condition of the eyes that makes looking at small text difficult) and although I can use the app for basic tasks, it’s so much easier to work on a big screen when I zoom in and out as needed. Try doing that on the Monzo app.

I also use a mix of banks, credit card providers, P2P lending sites, insurance companies, pension providers, credit reference agencies etc. and keep track using simple spreadsheets. This involves a lot of switching around to refer to things - totally impractical on a mobile phone. Copy & paste is laborious and not always available. Switching to/from secure apps such as Barclays is impossible (put it in the background, switch to Monzo, switch back and need to log in again).

Example scenario - booking a hotel. Totally easy on the big screen so I can open all the tabs for comparison, read reviews etc. Then make a booking on the credit card (for section 75 protection), then line up a payment in online banking to clear the balance, while referring to the current account to make sure the money is in place, and to my calendar to check pay day. (It’s a slightly contrived example, I could go into a lot more detail). Some might do that on a small screen, but I need the big screen to be productive (especially with bad eyesight) and to step down to the small screen.

Maybe in some happy future there will be a secure and comprehensive linking between all the financial services, but it’s a long way off - and even if Monzo could see all my financial details, they’d have trouble fitting it into a phone screen.

I see on Monzo’s roadmap they have a public API for current accounts. Even when that’s finally available, it raises a couple of questions. What is the business model for any third party provider of a Monzo web interface? And who would be liable in the event of fraud?

So why am I here? Because I like the Monzo card for travelling. The exchange rate is great, and I like getting a notification of each transaction (this is more useful abroad than at home, because the unusual spending pattern and exchange rate would otherwise be hard to track). Also, because Barclays has an annoying bug in their standing orders and I was looking for a bank with a decent web interface. I would try Monzo before going to the likes of Lloyds or Nationwide, but I will do that if needs must.

I realise some people find a mobile app perfect for their day to day spending. But for me, without web banking Monzo is just a convenience for travelling and doesn’t get used in the UK. I cannot move my savings there (I’d like to have half a dozen pots), nor will I bother with other things like investments (shopping for funds on a small screen - maybe not!)

It’s a shame that Monzo’s product roadmap is filled with things that work well on the big screen, and yet they seem determined not to provide a full service.


Sorry the above is so badly worded. The box to type in is very small and I can’t find a preview or edit function (there should be one of those two, sorry if they exist but I can’t find either).

(Jay Ess) #218

I agree with OP, I’m considering switching to Monzo, and having the Web interface is the only feature that’s lacking which my old bank offers, I like to manage my budgets and check my balances on my computer rather than using the phone (using it for more than 5 minutes gives me a headache)

So it would be nice if Monzo offers budget setting & probably full functionality on the web interface.


I have Monzo for a few month now and I am absolutely ok with it so far. But for the reason not having a full featured web banking portal I will never ever use it as my main account but as a secondary, every-day-use card transferring only 100 quid or so onto it.
Many people before me explained pretty well why having a full web portal is a must. I can only agree with them. Its just a pain to spend more time on mobile app than a few minutes. And man, sometimes you need to spend far more than that when you are about to get sorted all your financial things. And when I lose my phone? Or gets broken? Its just feels so unsafe that I don`t have the option to just turn on my (or any!) computer and get things done there until my phone issue will be solved! Its not because of your app, its simply this thing with mobile phones itself.
Monzo guys, you have to understand that having a pretty good app is a fantastic thing (really, i like it!) but will never ever enough on its own. Period. If you are about to have more people using Monzo as a main account its just simply unavoidable to make that online portal. Really hope you guys will think about that, as I really like Monzo and would switch to it happily as my main account!


Oh by the way, any recent feedback from the Monzo guys about this topic would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Stephen Spencer) #221

Is the Web UI using the public API? If so, could the codebase be made public on github and devs in the community can submit PRs to add other baseline features like money transfer (with appropriate test coverage etc.)? Assuming the lack of features is just a resource balancing act inside Monzo rather than an ideological opposition?