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(Allie) #182

I didn’t say it was unimportant, I was simply pointing out that one thing missing from this conversation is that Monzo already provides a functional, if ugly to non-developer types, read-only web interface in the form of the API playground.

(Geoff Pascoe) #183

To be fair, I’m a developer and it looks pretty ugly to me as well, but I take your point :wink:


Hmm, having just checked out the API playground, I wouldn’t say it was particularly functional to non-developer types either (and I am definitely a non-developer type). Transactions, for example are listed from oldest to newest in a big long chunk of text, and you have to pick your way through code to pick out amounts and vendor names. Account balance seems to be rounded to the nearest pound, so it’s not even accurate. Not really a realistic alternative to a fully developed web interface, which is why Monzo don’t promote it as such.

If both my phone and card were stolen, I know I could track down Monzo’s phone number online, and presumably customer services would freeze my card/check for fraud etc. But until I got a new phone, what then? I have no way to access money/make payments until I replace the phone, which I know from bitter experience can take weeks. Knowing how easily a phone can be lost just makes me really reluctant to transfer large amounts of money with Monzo, without an alternative means of access in place.

(Allie) #185

Definitely. Unless you are capable of parsing the output the API output is ugly. I meant only that it was functional enough in a pinch to at least see balance and recent transactions.

(Giulio D'Andrea) #186

It would be nice to have an official Monzo webpage to manage your bank account through the laptop. I agree that the app is well done and for daily use it woks great but sometimes it’s nice to check your bank account on a bigger screen at your desk.

(Nigel Jones) #187

A good mobile app is essential, no question, but IMO so is the ability to access the account easily from multiple devices. I ensure this is the case for my photos, communication/social media… I expect the same for banking. With barclays for example I can use my old android tablet (app or web), phone (iOS), home pc, work pc. personal ms surface… with monzo I can ONLY use my mobile. There’s NO WAY I would switch to a bank for my main account that offered only that. I want to use whatever device I wish, with appropriate layout/density for that device… so loads of details/analysis on web, but more on the go stuff on my mobile… at least by default.

(Allie) #188

The world is changing, and while I do agree with the idea data should be accessible anywhere, I happened to just have a need for old data. See, I’m a US Citizen. And a British Citizen, who lives in the UK, but that doesn’t matter to the US, I’m still required to file a mountain of pointless paperwork every year to prove to a country I have very little connection to that I don’t owe them money, and if I don’t do it, the penalties far exceed what I hope to earn in my lifetime.

When filing my FBAR tonight, I realised I’d been forgetting to store the records underlying my FBAR submissions. I’d dutifully stored the FBARs themselves, but not the records I used to file them. Oops… time to go download old statements.

Metro Bank and Lloyds made this painful, and all I managed to get were PDFs as other options just weren’t available (Metro Bank) or didn’t work (Lloyds). The whole exercise took about fifteen minutes with each bank (granted that was for a few years of statements).

Monzo let me tap three buttons in app and get a CSV for recordkeeping with all the data I needed. Sure, it was an app, not the open web - I’m no fan of that bit myself (I am a believer in the open web!). But it took seconds to get the data I needed.

I’ll take that over the clunky web experience my legacy banks gave me! Oh, and I think I’ll take a DS-4079 sooner rather than later, too - but for other reasons.

(Dawid) #189

@GalaxyMergirl you are completely right but at the same time Mozno have a chance to redefine what online banking is, not just online=mobile, but online in a broader sense. I understand now it’s not their priority, fair enough, but I think if they had resources, they should try to reinvent that web banking space as well

(Alex Alexiev) #190

I think having a web app will significantly increase customers’ experience and that’s what Monzo is all about, no?

Recently I lost access to my phone for a week. It was a phoneless week (printing google maps screenshots lol). I continued using my card - but I had no idea of the money I have in my account or if something odd is happening. I searched and was badly surprised not to find a way to log in online.

Even an online mobile screen that looks 100% like the app will do it. Please put it on the roadmap!

(Jamie) #191

+1 For a web interface.

I will not be able to use this as my primary card i.e have my salary coming here with my bills coming off until we get a web interface.

It is much more efficient to look on a monitor at and record as I work with spreadsheets and populate my bills.

Monzo are trying to encourage everyone to have their salary coming straight in to keep their Top Up costs down however there will be a lot of hesitant people to do so without a web interface.

I reckon if we had one, there would be a surge in people using it directly and would help Monzo save money on the topups.

Please make it happen Monzo! You wont regret it!

(Jolin) #192

Monzo’s CSV export is excellent. I’ve been using this when I need to work on finances on my laptop. I’m not saying this answers all needs people have for a web interface, but it’s worth a try as I find it very useful.

(Jamie) #193

I am looking forward to switching over to Monzo, but until they get a web interface I cannot switch. I like to update sheets and stuff to track my finances.

Is there any news on getting a Monzo banking website?

Web interface please

No. As far as I know monzo have no plans to create a web interface

(Karim) #195

You can download cvs files from the app if you want to track our finances

(nigel dodd) #196

Sorry if this is already covered, but with nice modern Monzo now taking over the capabilities of a dino-bank I would like my main Monzo interface to be on my nice big computer screen rather than a phone. I’d like to be able to browse statements, copy them easily to a spreadsheet and organize direct debits etc. from the comfort of a big screen.

I have no need for pots, graphs and other gizmos on my phone, just the basics please. HTML5 is the interface I would like most.


Not gonna happen (any time soon):

Not wanting to be rude, but may I ask why you want to use Monzo? It sounds like you don’t need/want any of the features that make Monzo unique, but need one that Monzo doesn’t have, so I’m curious what attracts you?

(Dan) #198

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Monzo will be creating one in the near term. It appears they’re focusing on getting parity with the legacy banks (based on their public roadmap).

I imagine it’s something they will do in the future, though.

For now, if you want to export transaction data as spreadsheets, you can (if you’re on iOS, I have no idea how to do this on Android)… Click the Search Icon :mag_right: and choose a set of transactions you want to export, then click the Share button and choose CSV.

Monzo has more features than pots and graphs. I think it’s a bit presumptuous to say it doesn’t sound like they want or need any of the features Monzo has, when they’ve listed only two.

(Richard Cook) #199

@nigeldodd Hey Nigel! I’ve moved your topic into this one so we can keep everyone updated in one place. Thanks!


Well, they listed “pots, graphs and other gizmos”.

While “gizmos” is obviously not a well defined term, and you and I (and indeed the OP) may understand different things from this word, to me that’s exactly what make Monzo unique.

Even more so, given the added qualifier “on the phone”, as that’s what Monzo is all about, and if you don’t want to do your banking on your phone, but on your PC, then I’m afraid you can say all you want, but Monzo won’t be a good fit for you.

Finally, I actually asked what features attracted them. So, I’m still curious :slight_smile:

(nigel dodd) #201

Thanks for moving my post to a more relevant thread. We are all different and have different usage habits and preferences. Mine are to do the bulk of my financial analysis and transfers and setting up of direct debits on a big computer screen and to use my phone for point of sale transactions and on the move checking. A great thing about Monzo is its useability abroad. At the moment I have both Monzo and Transferwise cards. Monzo will allow direct debits, Transferwise has a good html5 interface and “borderless” accounts in Euros and USD. Ultimately I would like to move all my banking to one of these or similar and certainly away from the dino-banks. But I don’t think everything is quite ready yet. Monzo’s direct debit does not extend to utilities payments in Spain, for instance.