Web Dashboard

It’d be fantastic if there were a web dashboard containing all the information in the App, plus more advanced features (CSV or XLS export), graphing, etc. You’d be able to log on from a PC or other device without needing your phone or card handy.


Hi Argonaught, data export from the App is on the roadmap and we also plan to improve the spending overview over time. It would be great if you could give some examples of reports you are missing! We have deliberately made the first version basic to hear from people what they would like us to add, rather than try to guess and then build a bunch of reports no-one uses.

I think my idea is more about having an actual web dashboard than being able to export from the App.
A lot of apps (Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Life360) have a complementary web app so you can visualise everything on the bigger screen of your computer. From there, it’d make sense to be able to export data to Excel. You could build other cool features too - like perhaps a world map with pinpoints showing where all your transactions occurred. Clicking the pinpoint (e.g. your local Tesco) would bring up a screen showing all your recent (last 30 days) transactions there.

We do not plan to build a web interface anytime soon. We have limited resources and have to focus on the mobile app but our open APIs allow developers to build web apps so hopefully our developer community will soon be able to fill out the gap!

At the recent Hackathon I made a web client that will allow you to export to CSV, and also view all your transactions on the map Take a look here :slight_smile:


Can vouch - it’s very useful. I’m hoping to develop something similar, admittedly orientated towards budgeting and targeted at students.

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I have a Simple.com account too and having the app is great, but I really like having a web interface too. It has more details, bigger charts and is just generally handy when you want to check things from you laptop etc.