Wear OS Google Pay failures

(Simon B) #21

Hey @Merkitten - just to be clear, you’ve used Amex via Google Pay on the watch with no isses?

After reading this…

My immediate thought was that it might be a Google Pay bug. But if Amex has been fine, then that means the issue must lie with Mastercard.

(Marc Roberts) #22

My Monzo has always been perfect with Google Pay on my phone, but so far today I have been unable to get a payment to go through on my new watch, even after entering the unlock code. First time it told me to check my phone for instructions (where there were none), second two times asked for unlock code and the payment failed. Looked very silly to everyone in the queue then paid with my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try with a visa card tomorrow.

(Allie) #24

Correct. I’ve switched to using Amex on the watch. While not everywhere takes Amex contactless, at least it’s more reliable than Monzo/it looks like maybe all Mastercard.


My watch was working fine with my Starling card from January, when I bought it, up until about July/August. Since then the prompts for unlocking have become far more frequent. I can’t be sure exactly when it started as I created a thread on the Starling forum which is now no longer available.

There wasn’t much response on the thread, just people offering the usual advice of “this is normal over £30”, “I don’t have an issue” or “contact Google”. The £30 was irrelevant due to they low value of the transactions.

Starling simply said it was nothing to do with them.

(Simon B) #26

It’s obviously hard to tell from a single data point, but if it’s true that Amex cards aren’t causing the same issue as per @Merkitten’s post then it must be to do with Mastercard. I’ll have a word with @daniel.cannon who is our NFC payments genius and maybe we can report this to Mastercard.

(Marc Roberts) #27

Just a quick update to let you know that I have been able to make a number of payments without issue over the past two days.


I’ve had the issue with my watch this morning. £1.29 McDonald’s coffee required pattern on watch and re-presenting to the reader, despite it already being unlocked.

Tesco self checkout later on didn’t require pattern unlock and was accepted with the first presentation to the reader.

Interestingly, on the second London underground journey of the day my phone also made me unlock and present it to the reader again when tapping out. The first journey of the day was a simple tap in and out with my phone. I’ve given up on the watch with the underground as the prompt for pattern unlock is too slow to appear and makes you unpopular at peak hours

All transactions were Google Pay with my Monzo card.

(Allie) #29

Did the phone require PIN or fingerprint? I’ve never seen it on my phone but I almost always unlock it anyway. The watch is supposed to stay unlocked as long as you’re wearing it… And does for Amex.


My watch does stay unlocked until removed from my wrist. That’s the very issue - Google Pay is asking for pattern unlock even though the watch is already unlocked. Whilst normal above £30, it shouldn’t be doing it with such frequency for low value transactions.

(Allie) #31

It isn’t even normal above £30. Large purchases work fine with Amex. The unlock is the CDCVM.


Did you do this?