We’re working on joint accounts!

But what if :monzo: uses the link as an extra authentication step in the JA application process (aka: if both users are Monzo users and can see each other in the Monzo app, then less questions to ask)

Hi @georgiajohnson

It has been over 6 months since this update and slightly less than that from @rossmonzo ’s news of joint account improvements being put on the back burner in favour of the extra, Perks and Max roll out. Since that has now happened is there any news on advancements in joint account parity at all?


Would love to see some improvements here


Just because I know @Revels likes hearing me complain…

  • My credit score went back up to 980 from 900. (Experian)
  • My credit reports with TransUnion and Equifax at equivilent scores.
  • My business turnover has demonstrably increased.
  • My personal income (drawings) has doubled.
  • I removed the overdraft facility as I wasnt using it.
  • Monzo offered me a loan.
  • Monzo say I dont qualify for a joint account still.

Next step - move my business banking elsewhere in case this is the factor.

At the cost of my own time… I am going to eliminate as many “obstacles” as I can until I figure out what “criteria” I am failing - purely for my own sanity at this point. I simply just want my money in one place, and Monzo have the best personal accounts in my opinion.

Anyone else that was previous declined had luck opening one since?


Revels hasn’t been around since the 29th May, so a good chance he won’t see your post. :pensive:

We’ll he’ll have something fun to read when he gets back then, wont he! hah.

Do wonder what happened to them tbh. Don’t know if we should be concerned


Maybe if we say their name 3 times, they’ll appear? :eyes:

@Revels @Revels @Revels

It was rather sudden, for someone who has posted consistently in the 4 years I’ve been a member and before then too.

Hopefully @Revels is ok.

I do fear the worst as people don’t normally just stop suddenly. But hey could just be overthinking it

Maybe they just couldn’t be arsed anymore and wanted a break from everything online.

I do that every now and then. :slight_smile:


There are many forums over the last probably 15+ I’ve ghosted and never gone back to, so it’s not entirely impossible that’s what has happened here!


Ms Revels may also have audited the RSPCA contributions :eyes:

Joking aside, hope all is well.


It’s been a while since I opened my joint account so I can’t remember the flow but perhaps the joint applicant is the issue?

I had a joint account with a previous partner in 2019, which i closed down in 2020. Back when my credit was lower, i had personal debt, and a much lower income.

My wife and I both have clean credit, excellent income, and have been monzo account holders for years. Which is the confusing part.

Yes me - I had one then switched for some money (big mistake) tried to come back as personal (failed quite a few times) finally came back but they wouldn’t let me have joint with my wife who wisely hadn’t moved - so cancelled again. Time passed and I thought I’ll give it one more go and blow me down dead readmitted to joys of personal and joint again - lesson learnt - if you have it don’t give it up!

Thanks for the tip… how very odd!

Perhaps thats the key. Maybe its something ridiculous like earlier accounts being setup differently or something. Some really menial technical issue that they just cant be arsed to fix, but cant say that out loud.

:wave: :drum: New joint account update here :point_down: