We’re turning off debit card top-ups for everyone on 2nd October

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No new customers have been using top up so yes they are declining and the percentage will only get smaller. Monzo sign up over 3,000 new customers (if not more) daily!

Anyway. HughWells has pretty much echo’d what I said previously so this should hopefully put your concerns at ease so you can now concentrate on re-evaluating how you manage your finances :slight_smile:

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Anyway. HughWells has pretty much echo’d what I said previously so this should hopefully put your concerns at ease so you can now concentrate on re-evaluating how you manage your finances :slight_smile:

I don’t have any concerns - for myself, I have already decided to find a Monzo alternative. I was just trying to highlight that I’m probably not alone in the disappointment in the communication (again: I’m OK with the decision, but absolutely not OK with the messaging around this decision), but didn’t succeed.

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I think you need to take a leaf out of your own book then because looking at your comments you’re arguing with everyone about how popular it is, how it should have been paid for service and then finally with me about the real amount they are actually saving from removing the service. I only saw you mention your disappointment with communication once.

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My first comment in the thread:

Very bad communication here. Other methods are presented like alternatives, but they are not even nearly as convenient as the current card top-up.

Later, my quotes:

I agree I’m totally fine that sometimes it’s more reasonable for a business to rid off some clients who are not the target ones anymore. But I’m disappointed with the messaging process:

I think you’ve greatly formulated the key of the problem: Monzo thinks that they’re so much better than any other alternative that they shouldn’t care about the good messaging, the right way of removing features, an apology for inconveniences, etc. As I said above, I totally understand that some features couldn’t be supported forever and fine with the fact that I can be outside the target audience, but the way the feature is being removed is very bad. I see it as a bad signal to the customers, but if they fine with it, glad for them :slight_smile:

Thanks for this summary, greatly formulated. I had the same feelings, that’s why the way they are removing this feature is a bit shocking. It seems that they totally fine to break down someone’s typical use case without a sufficient notice (for me, less than a month seems like insufficient) or at least an apology. It’s a serious breach of trust, from my perspective.

It’s not the full list, but let’s stop here.

Is this “once” for you? If my math is right, it’s slightly more than once, isn’t it?


What MMC does Monzo use for its topups?


I’ve heard elsewhere that some people were topping up with a credit card via curve. Then paying their cc bill and repeating. Just to harvest the cashback from curve. Basically rinsing monzo, who are paying the fees on transactions. If ever there’s a loophole like this, it will be exploited. But before long they are closed, starling and monzo removing feature and curve sending proper details to the card issuer.

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I understand the business reasoning for turning this feature off… There are some users who prefer that convenience of topping up their Monzo account as POS from another card… It might be worth while to still offer that feature but pass the cost on to the user… I presently fund my Monzo account from my primary financial account outside of the UK… So wire transfer(s) or salary funding is significantly more costly than POS funding my Monzo account…

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I might really disappointed by what I see another strategic move by Monzo to push all their users to use Monzo as their main current account!

The main reason I join Monzo in the first place 2 years ago was because I found it to be very convenient to have a pre-paid debut card that you can just top up some money when you are travelling abroad and don’t pay interbank charges! I’ve been very happy with that.

Then about a year ago, you guys “forced” all your users to open a current account with you otherwise “leave”! It was no big deal but this way of doing thing is not really customer friendly! Now, next step you are saying that top-up by debit card won’t be possible anymore using the fact that it costs you money as an excuse. I’m sure it does but I don’t think that’s the main reason. Your main reason is that you want your users to start using Monzo as their main current account and eventually close their existing current account with their bank, i.e by getting your salary paid on your Monzo account!

And once you will have X amount of users switching to Monzo as their main current account (target which I’m sure you have already set), your next step would be to become a “normal bank” saying that not making your users paying interbank charges is costing you guys lots of money and therefore going forward you will start charging a % on any transaction fee abroad! By then people would already have all their direct debit etc set to their Monzo current account that despite being annoyed they would likely stay with you!

Clever way of doing things Monzo but somehow very readable! So I won’t be surprise if in 1 year you send an update saying that there will be a transaction fee applied to every foreign transaction going forward!

I won’t wait that long to see, I’m switching to Revolut as from now!


I don’t think Monzo has ever made any secret of wanting to be a bank. And, you know, have people use them for bank-like things. :man_shrugging:

In my view, though, it’s not fair to say that this is the main driver for them. I think, if it weren’t costing them any money / exposure to fraud, then they’d just keep going, hoping that exposure to a better current account would make you switch…

We can never foresee the future, but I’d be surprised. Using your logic, how would more fees make you want to use your Monzo account as your main account? :confused: :confused_dog:

I’m glad you’ve found a better product for you. Revolut and Monzo are different propositions, so if Revolut’s a better fit, it was probably never going to work out with you and Monzo. :frowning: :broken_heart:

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Could you explicit? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been very happy with Monzo until now, but 1. I can already anticipate the troubles the next time I travel and I running out of money and i would need to wait a few days at worst to get my money into my Monzo account via bank transfer. And 2. Monzo has always looked like an innovative bank to me but come on guys, getting your money via either bank transfers or cheques, you must admit that this is a bit old school right?

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On your point 2, I’d have said it was bit more ‘bank’ and a bit less ‘prepaid card’ personally. A bank is what I’m looking for so that rather suits me.

It is a pretty innovative bank from where I sit, driving things like Summary pages and pots which others are now starting to copy. I’d be amazed if all that stuff went away any time soon. But it’s really impossible to say with any sort of certainty what may or may not happen in the future. At the moment, the signs look positive but let’s watch and see.


Are you sure this is a valid concern? Most widely used banks are connected to the Faster Payments network. If your other bank is one of these, the transfer will typically take a few seconds, and at worst will take 2 hours.

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I literally set my Monzo account up once as a payee; so all I need to do is select my account pick an amount and press send; it then arrives within seconds.

Way faster than typing a card number and other details out, most banks support near instant FPS payments these days.

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I work in Financial Services and our company just implemented direct debit payments as a means to avoid debit card payments. Average payment costs dropped from £4.50 per transaction to 1.2p. Given that a direct debit would allow a payment to be ‘pulled’ from Monzo instead of ‘pushed’ from a legacy bank, would such a solution not be a good compromise?


It wouldn’t allow for instant topups though - it’s a multi-day process

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Then forget that idea :grin: I thought it was just a multi-day process to set up, but seemingly not.

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This is exactly what I do. You could have written this about me, it’s that accurate.


There are lots of rules around Direct Debits, including giving the custom notice (7 days? 14 days?) of what’s going to come out of their account, so it wouldn’t lend itself to this :disappointed:

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I do like how most of those who say this feature should go, never use it. Personally I use it exclusively to pay into monzo.

Monzo.me staying is good but I find it a shame that monzo didn’t have the foresight to replace the ‘card top up’ with a simplified monzo.me that essentially worked exactly the same way as monzo.me but behaved like top up rather than just remove the feature.

The loss of this feature is enough for me to transition to my Revolut card which still allows it.

It was nice while it lasted, particularly liked the bright card.

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The thing is, every time you do use it, you increase the amount Monzo spends on you just to have you as a customer.

Customers like you are increasing Monzo’s losses and preventing it making a profit.

Keep that model up and Monzo will run out of money and go bust, just like any business.

What do you suggest they do? (Hint: The answers are not ‘keep top–ups’ or ‘change the business model’)