We’re turning off debit card top-ups for everyone on 2nd October

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It’s becoming increasingly clear how many people signed up to Mondo/Monzo without doing their homework first. I joined during the beta prepaid period, but I joined a company who was setting up a new kind of bank, using prepaid BETA cards just as a proof of concept to test the systems they were setting up for the long haul as a full bank. It’s surpsing how many people don’t seem to be aware of what Monzo is, and always has been about.

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To be fair. I do this… I usually bank transfer what I plan to spend over a month (never happens) and top up more when needed… but I bank transfer it all :wink:

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This way of managing things makes a lot of sense, and I use a variation of this (Monzo is my ‘main’ account, but not the one my salary is paid into). However, you can achieve this by transferring from HSBC to Monzo using faster payments in the HSBC app. Especially if you’re budgeting, once you have your monthly budget, just make a transfer for that amount into your Monzo account.

To be honest, using the Spending feature in Monzo is also a really good way of budgeting.


Unfortunately these legacy banks provide a lot of added benefit Monzo doesn’t. I had my student account with Santander so I get their 123 service even now I’m no longer a student. This gives me cashback on some spend as well as a high interest rate for money in my account. To get this I have to pay my salary into the account. If Monzo could compete then I’d switch over.


You basically attracted customers and now want to make more profits on them. Moreover, your juggly bubbly company is providing in the last months a service that is substantially worse than your competitors (Revolut, Transferwise prepaid card and million others). You could have decided a minimum loadable from debit card, for example, but you chose to cancel the service that your competitors will still have, instead.

I think (and I hope) that most customers smarter than bubbly juggly will realize that this product has fallen below standards and will choose another provider.

Good luck, as everyone knows the average customer is not smart, but not that much.

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More of an incentive/reason to go Full Monzo :wink:

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Hmm bit of a deal breaker for me I’m afraid - this is not my main bank account - we mainly use for household shopping and holiday spending. When away I liked the fact that I could top up with small regular amounts and leave my other cards in the safe


And you can still do that, just via Faster Payments :man_facepalming:


How come monzo.me is free? Doesn’t it work the same way as debit card top-ups?

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Another step in Monzo becoming just like the high st banks. What other benefits will you be taking away next???

I don’t really see having my salary paid into Monzo as an alternative to topping up by debit card. Why would I when there are no benefits to do so? At least with the high st banks they give something back when you do. Monzo does nothing like this.

At the moment it feels like Monzo is taking away a lot of the original benefits of having a Monzo account and giving nothing back. Feels like it’s happening to increase the value of Monzo. Where’s my thanks for being a loyal customer?


There are lower limits.

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I’m one of the users disappointed by this change. The monzo card has been great as a budgeting tool for my wife and I, especially since we now have joint cards. We decide on our budget for the week and top up appropriately. Having to use another banking app or login in another account just puts a barrier in the way of our usage of the card.


On the flip side, Monzo’s investors have been funding a service you have benefited from, at no cost to you.

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I see where you’re coming from and the point that you’ve perhaps misunderstood.

Monzo are here to compete with Lloyds, HSBC, etc. (i.e., Banks) not with the likes of Revolut or Transferwise.

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(John Biondini) #298

Revolut is much worse in my opinion, just check on Twitter and regarding the top up feature, Starling just removed it too and if Revolut will move to a full bank they will most likely follow too. That feature was good when Monzo was a prepaid card, it is now redundant when you can easily do a bank transfer.
Maybe Monzo is not the right product for you anymore? Do you use Monzo just when abroad or for budgeting?

(Cameron Kirby) #299

Unfortunately the HSBC app sucks and I’ve gotten locked out or stuck downloading a massive update reasonably often. :confused:

I can and will setup direct debit but I budget aggressively and thus go a little over budget reasonably frequently. Being able to quickly and reliably add money is a useful feature.


The HSBC app is much improved (on iOS at least) and once set up with touch ID it is very easy to transfer money to Monzo (or anywhere else)

(Jack) #301

would setting up a regular bank transfer with a fixed amount work as a replacement?