We’re turning off debit card top-ups for everyone on 2nd October 2018

At statement that was true at the point it was made isn’t the same as a commitment that the statement will remain true forever.

It’s a tough one to judge - how soon is soon enough to allow something to change?


I used the top up facility for the first few months but it really isn’t ideal breaker. As the post says there are plenty of alternatives.


Exactly this. I understand the psychology of it, but it’s interesting that such comments only tend to crop up when we are removing features, and not when we are adding them.

Fundamentally we aren’t the same product now as when we were in Beta. When I made that comment, we didn’t have CASS. We didn’t have Apple Pay. We didn’t have Joint Accounts. We didn’t have Overdrafts. We didn’t have Summary. We didn’t have 3D Secure. We didn’t have Coin Jar. We didn’t have IFTTT. We didn’t have Monzo Web. We didn’t have international payments. Amongst other things!

So we are already very far away from that statement being still true before we even get into a conversation about things getting removed.


I would love to see it integrated with the new Bill Splitting feature for example.
I think it could be a first great interaction for people that don’t bank with Monzo, it would show them how Monzo do things and how simple it is to use and no need of card reader and various details. Obviously depends on the costs which I’m not aware of.


I’d love to see some sort of iOS integration… similar to N26…

You can send/request money…


Think it then asks for the recipients bank details if they aren’t an N26 user.


As per the original topic… Best decision, it keeps everyone on a level playing field.

There will undoubtedly be some fall out, but you won’t please everyone unfortunately.


I wouldn’t say the best decision.

More a decision we will just have to live with similar to the Foreign ATM withdrawals limits.


As I said… they won’t please everyone…


There’s also more friction to use Monzo.me to top-up, as you have to leave the Monzo app and enter card details in a web browser. So I think it will act as a deterrent for people because it’s no longer more convenient than using another bank’s app to make a FP transfer.


I agree with the closure of topups, they are not really needed at this stage of Monzo’s development.

I do want to say that I managed to miss this announcement. This should be more prominent in the app - maybe a push comment in the feed or something more clearer. I don’t even see it where you topup in the app. I may not use it, but if I missed the announcement and I ended up in a situation where I thought topping up was really needed (maybe locked out of my other banks online banking etc.) and it would have just disappeared.


Hey Kevyn,

The in-app announcement isn’t activated yet, it will be when the new app versions are released next week.
We’ll also be emailing everyone who used topups in the last 3 months next week to make sure people don’t get a nasty surprised when the feature is disabled.


Simon, the product I signed up for was very simple, but when you added emoji reactions to friends’ payments I was literally AGHAST. I did not expect a fully-fledged legitimate bank to ever add any features.
Livid of London


I am not sure why we should be OK for Monzo to add friction of any kind when we find totally unacceptable to have any kind of friction when using legacy banks. I guess I don’t understand the logic of monzo.me being pushed as alternative hence creating a friction but still keeping a way for users to top-up

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I wouldn’t say theyre adding friction, more consolidating the friction that was already there :laughing:

Monzo.me currently works for card payments to an account,
The Card Top-up is basically this in another guise so it makes sense to just offer the monzo.me for your own card payments/as well as someone elses.

I do think Monzo should have held out slightly longer in disbaling it all the same. Perhaps until cash deposits were added

Someone I know uses Monzo and doesn’t have legacy banking online. They’re also disabled and can’t get to their bank easily.

Basically they can only topup with a debit card. They want to pay the fees that card topups incur etc… And keep their independence being able to manage money in Monzo.

It’s sad this feature is going, hopefully they’ll understand monzo.me to topup their account…?


Can’t they switch their incoming payments to go directly into Monzo? That would be most straightforward. Then if they need :pound: in their legacy bank, they can easily transfer it there from the Monzo app.


Seems like a good idea to me switch off top ups.

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Sadly not without risking them loosing their money (it’s the DWP after all) :frowning:

It’s just a shame for them …

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With a CASS there is no risk of losing money. :slight_smile:


Really glad to see this announcement. I was one of those people who initially used my debit card to top-up (using Apple Pay :expressionless:) when it was a Mondo prepaid card, found it really useful and just kept doing this when Monzo became a fully fledged bank. I want to support Monzo in the long run so removing legacy features is a good way to go.