We’re seeing more pyramid schemes on social media. Here’s how to protect yourself

Here’s what to do if you spot one or unwittingly get involved.


Seems like common sense, but good to raise awareness for those without much.

Perhaps a similar warning is required for money mule-ing? You can lose more than £160 by selling your identity to fraudsters - your future dream house and car perhaps (if you get blacklisted from all credit and can therefore never leverage yourself), or even worse if you get that plus some fraudster’s creditors and the police looking for you because all the fraud is in your name :scream:

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I think that would be a good blog post to put out on Facebook / social media , and may help with a number of freezing account problems

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It feels that there needs to be some sort of validation check on payments that are equivalent to scheme payments that warns people in case they are falling victim to a pyramid scheme.

With these schemes being aimed at the less financially aware, there should be some sort of education, or third-party system in place to prevent these schemes from getting off the ground.

Your wish was their eventual command!

It is up on the Facebook feed today (21/04/2020):

People reading our post about a pyramid scheme called ‘Fractal Mandala’ increased by 1,700% this weekend