We’re planning to launch a business current account

(Hugh Wells) #42

Personally, I think if you try to launch a product with loads of functionality off the bat you end up building in misconceptions and assumptions and the product is worse as you spend a load more time fixing those later!

An example Tom gave recently was the emojis in notifications - so if you go to Dunkin’ Donuts you get a :doughnut: in your notification. Jonas initially built this on a Sunday afternoon to surprise people on Monday morning. The office (such that it was back then!) thought this was really neat and they decided to roll it out to everyone :100: However, it was assumed people might not like this feature and find it annoying or superfluous - after all, it doesn’t serve a practical function and is only there to delight! :sweat_smile: The solution of course is to build in a toggle to turn them off; but this requires a load of engineering time and effort, and then you end up with yet another switch, and something else to go wrong! :disappointed:
This was launched as an MVP and has gradually improved over the years. The caveat was, if anybody asked for a way to switch it off then they’d build the toggle in. No one has every asked for it to be switched off! :wink: (and no, we’re not going to build it now :blush:)
I think the point of this is, Monzo could have spent another day refactoring the code to support a toggle. There would have been another switch in the app and it would have been a bit more complicated but the product would be totally solid and no one would be able to find fault with it. When you amplify this to scale of projects we do now, you can see why building an MVP, launching early, taking a risk and then iterating on feedback works so well.

(Natalia) #43

Hi there, as an accountant, it’s very important, guys that you make sure your bank links to all sorts of cloud-based accounting software like Xero and other as soon as possible :slight_smile: This way we will get to have more ground when recommending Monzo to the clients.

(Natalia) #44

To clarify, I am talking about bank feeds of course :slight_smile:

(Rachel) #45

The MONZO personal account is perfect already as a micro business account. I spent alot of time looking at business accounts like Coconut & Starling as well as the high street but so much of what was on offer was superfluous to my needs & costly too. I never need to pay cash in, require direct debits & a debit card, no cheque book. The ability to cancel card through the app & reinstate if found…there’s not much else I need.

(Anthony) #46

Would definitely be interested in this. Would require:

  1. Web access;
  2. Ability to run both personal and business apps on a single device with good visual differentiation between them - possibly via two different apps.

(Nikolas Pontikos) #47

I would want IBAN + BIC

(Daniel Yates) #48

Pretty much as the personal account is now for me

(James) #49

Just wanted to know is there any plans to implement a business account?
specifically to support sole traders or Limited companies.

or services which would aid those who are self-employed


It is something that they are working on but I believe the plan is 2019 but no date yet

(Splodf) #51

Use the search function to find info on business banking.

They’re currently collecting feedback and yours would be useful.

(MikeF) #52

I’ve moved your post to the business bank account thread.

(Emma (still not the app)) #53


So launching the business account wasn’t needed then

(Caspar) #54

Surprised TSB went for this, they made a big deal of only doing personal banking.

(Emma (still not the app)) #55

I doubt I’d trust them with a business account after the year they’ve had

(Michael) #56

Read that a couple of times to be sure, but, to say out loud, this is “winning” not down selection for a competition? Only amounts to be revealed?

(Emma (still not the app)) #57

Yes Monzo have been approved for the money they wanted to be able to develop business accounts but the amount they’re getting has yet to be decided

(Michael) #58

Thanks, good to be sure

A little bit mad that a bank the size of Santander can be considered, but I suppose all competition is to be welcomed


Believe they have only been approved for the incentivised switching scheme, the details for the innovation capability fund is yet to be revealed.

These two funds make up the £700 million remedies package.

(Dave) #60

Hi @bea - any further updates on this? (With fingers crossed…) :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

(John MacLeod) #62

I’d echo that. There are many charities – some of them very small – which would benefit greatly from an account which would meet their need. FirstRulez has itemised well the features which cause endless headaches for such non-profit organisations.
An account which would meet the needs of such organisations in a realistic manner would be a tremendous advertisement for Monzo.
Some of us who are involved with non-profit organisations enjoy “free” banking at present, but have endless headaches in the areas mentioned by FirstRulez.