We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!


Is there some sort of plan in place for those of us who aren’t eligible to invest or don’t want to , so that we can still access the app during this time to carry out essential banking needs and it doesn’t go down due to the overwhelming response because of those investing?

(Matt C) #554

There was mention by one of the Monzo staff that they were doing load testing to ensure that normal service isn’t effected. Can’t find the specific post though - sorry!

(Steve Daniels) #555

I asked this.

The reply was that they have stress tested the server as best as they have can, however, I would expect some disruption tomorrow morning for an hour or two at launch.

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #556

5 hours to go… :v:


Is 10 to invest or 9?


10am Today


Before invest do I need to sign up to anything or is it all in app?


It was all in the app for existing investors, I think.


Yes all in app.

You have to answer a few questions to show you understand - but reading one of the posts above it seems this might not be enough!


So with 2 hours to go here’s the current statistics:

9.951% of the £20m has been purchased already, leaving ~£18,009,747 (as of 08:02am) left for the “public” at 10am.




Will you be able to sign up from the feed?

(Jonathon) #565

Yes it’s all in the app.


I don’t suppose anyone has decided not to invest?


Let’s find out!

I have invested this round / will invest this round:

  • Yes
  • No

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Reminder: please only invest if you’ve read the prospectus fully and you know what you’re getting into. These shares are not liquid and you might lose the whole investment amount. Funding from your overdraft or other credit is silly.

(Jack) #568


*If you’re planning to investing at 10am :rocket:


If you open your app there should be a blue bar at the bottom now taking you to the landing page :eyes:

(Is Santa here yet?) #570

(Is Santa here yet?) #571

The seconds til 10am seem like years :cold_sweat:


What will happen in the app when 10 AM hits?