We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

(Sacha Zarb) #514

and there sort of already doing it for RBS.

  1. Challenger bank is roaring success and buys you out.

(Neil M) #516

That some interesting stuff, then at some point do you even bother being a bank and turn into more of software company?

(Matt C) #517

I am also wrestling with the “how much to invest” issue. Will have to work it out ASAP though :wink:

Man I wish I had known about Monzo when it was Mondo. People invested in round one are gonna be laughing.

(Neil M) #518

Unfortunately, that I think that is unlikely to happen.(However I will be investing as I live and hope that it will :slight_smile:
All it takes for legacy banks to think that challenger banks are a threat and then they’ll drop cash into it. Marcus is the first foray by major banks to do something App, first. If anything its in Monzo’s interest if Starling does well.


I was cautious in round one. I think I only got like 30quid worth.

Now though, YOLO! all in! :sunglasses:


For all we know Monzo may continue to grow significantly. Money invested today will hopefully still return a very healthy amount.

(I am assuming success - though failure is an option of course)

(Edward) #521

This time around I just wanted to bring my number of shares to a nice round easily-remembered number.


Does Marcus even have an app?

(App last? :grin:)

(Tom) #523

No, just the website still, I believe.

(Neil M) #524

My bad, I don’t think it does. I think I meant something more fintech or just more proactive than just a legacy bank

(Tom Halloran) #525

Marcus did buy a US app called Clarity Money 6 months ago, so that could land in the UK soon

(Graham - Mental health professional) #526

Quite right, but they’ve done some work recently to optimise it - it’s pretty efficient for a non-app interface.

(Tom) #527

Oh yeah, totally. And you can add it to your homescreen and get a nice icon for it, and it behaves pretty much like an app. TBH, you don’t actually need to do much, just check and withdraw your balance.

(Nathan) #528

Marcus is fantastic, personally no need for the app in my eyes except for the handiness of touch id login.

Just took out the money im using to buy shares tomorrow from my marcus and it was almost instant(2 or so mins)

(Tom) #529

If you let Safari save your Marcus password, you should be able to use TouchID to log in! :+1:

(Tom Halloran) #530

Ahh that makes sense. In that case you’d expect the average investment to go up this time then, maybe to £300-400. That makes raising the full £20m seem a lot more achievable

(Neil M) #531

With all this discussion of Marcus, I’ve just signed up to it
EDIT : PSA remember to withdrawal your money from your investec savings now if you plan to use it because of the pesky 24 hours withdrawal!!

(Athanasios Bethanis) #532

If by any chance the shares drop to 0 you just loose the money right? You can’t end up having to pay more at the end. Either you earn or you loose everything if it drops to 0

(MikeF) #533

Yes. The only money we’re risking is the money we spend on shares now. They won’t then come after us for the debts of a failed bank.

We either have shares we can sell for money one day or we lose everything we put in but no more.