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(Sian ) #492

Looking to invest for the first time in Monzo, I think it’s great they offer customers the opportunity to do so.


Dumb question but if these shares are worth £7.75 does that mean all shares from other rounds are worth the same? I hear people saying “15 times” for the first round? Just trying to work out what i have. I’ve invested all rounds including Mondo.

(Sian ) #495

Hi Richard,

I’m thinking about investing for the first time too. I’m not sure how much to invest, I’m trying to save for a mortgage so majority of my savings are locking in an ISA. I may just invest like £50 - £100.

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Im unsure but I really think it was capped at every round to £1000 per person this is the 2.5m round I will try and find the other numbers - I know I invested my maximum allotment in the first two rounds - that being £1000


found the first round - 1800+ investors

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first round was 51p
second round 100p
third round was 235
this round 771p
all approximate figures

(Natalia) #499

Interesting. Thanks. Not sure then how he could have invested £3000. Perhaps this is a cumulative of all rounds? Were there 3 rounds then? I thought there were 2 before this one?


There were three rounds!

(Natalia) #501

Ok, makes sense now :slight_smile:

(Steve) #502

Yes it does.

All your shares are now worth the same amount, £7.71


There have been 3 rounds, the last round only open to existing holders.

Each round was capped at £1,000 (approx for last round).

If you invested max each round you would have invested a total of £3,000, Giving you just under 3,400 shares.

At £7.71 your initial £3,000 investment is now worth about £26,000.

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" Worth" on paper yes - by the nature of the shares being illiquid, ie not publicly tradable on the stock exchange - the “profit” could be quite difficult to obtain at the moment - although not impossible


Definitely a “put in the draw and forget about” investment.

Got to admit, once Monzo hits £4 billon plus these little shares of ours start taking on some life changing value! (caveat the aforementioned illiquidity)

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and if they hit 0 not a life crippling effect :slight_smile: fingers crossed for your scenario rather than mine :crossed_fingers:

however , having previously said having used the app for just about 3 years, seen the staff, seen the functionality over my spending, given the peace of mind it gives me over my finances, I would back your scenario :slight_smile:

(Neil M) #507

One thing I keep wondering is who own the Monzo App i.e the infrastructure. So if Monzo as a brand was to unfortunately die would a potential buyer be able to buy the App in its entirety and then re-skin it with their own brand?

(Steve) #508

I believe its a built ground up Monzo product.

(Neil M) #509

So that means that the App probably has huge retail value assuming the backend is very good as the front end could just be reskinned

(Sacha Zarb) #510

That’s effectively Starlings business model now, build the stack, and sell that technology to be white labeled.

(Excited about Christmas) #511

Yes - I expect it’ll be their only model before long.

(Neil M) #512

So if you’re a legacy bank you’re waiting for one of two things to happen:
1)Challenger bank sells out
2) Challenger bank fails and you buy their technology


Would a customer that was UK resident at time of sign-up but which is no longer UK resident be eligible to invest?