We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

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When will it break £2 million?


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10:01am Wed :slight_smile:


So I understand investment confirmation is sent out by Crowdcube a few weeks after payment. What happens if email addresses used for an existing Crowdcube account and monzo differ? Will I end up with two different accounts on Crowdcube?

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I have this issue too and presumed the same as you.

Not too fussed to be honest.


In the Monzo journal (email circular) this morning they state that 120,000 people have read the investment prospectus.

That sounds huge to me. Personally I have opened it 3 or 4 times. I wonder if that makes me 3 or 4 “people” in terms of the stats?

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and Monzo only need 83000 of them to put in the average investment so far :slight_smile:

£1.7m / 7000 existing investors = £242 on average

£20m / £242 = 83000 :slight_smile:

all just for fun of course


Would be interesting to know how many of the 7000 have invested already though when there’s such a big window.

Personally I saw that there were 48 hours to invest and my first thought was “I’ll see you at 0959 on Wednesday then” :blush:


Does the investment have to come from your Monzo a/c?

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Update - all investments in our crowdfunding round will be automatically excluded from Summary :raised_hands:

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It has to come through your Monzo account to apply and pay for the shares , money can be put in to your Monzo account to buy the shares from any source (legal :slight_smile: )

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I am existing customer and hoping to crowdfund tomorrow, other than having the fund in my account how will it work ?


You’ll get a notification in app at 10am tomorrow. You’ll be asked screening questions to make sure you are aware of the risks of investing. You’ll also be given a prospectus to read to help inform your choice. Then you choose how many shares you want to buy. The money comes out of your account and then a week or two later you’ll get an email with an attachment presumably that says how many shares you own.

As the admin is being dealt with behind the scenes by Crowdcube I’m not sure if it will link up with your existing CC account or ask you to create one. Or if it will essentially be governed in a special Monzo user account and not require manual setup of a CC account.

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Let’s do predictions for the final figures (just for fun). My guess is there will be some space left even at the end, something like:

40,000 * £360 average investment = £14.4m

Looks like it might just hit £2m before Wed from existing investors!

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@simonb do you have any information on this comment I’ve replied to?


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The thing is in the last crowdcube round the amount people could invest was uncapped wasn’t it? So a small number of people may have been putting in huge amounts e.g. over £10,000 and pulling the average up. That can’t happen this time so the average should fall, maybe to £200

So my guess: £200 x 40,000 = £8m

cc @iansilversides

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I thought it was capped at £1000 last time around ???


I thought the maximum that anyone could have invested in total before the current round was around £3k? Around 1k/round?

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I don’t know what the cap was but one of my colleagues bought £3000 worth of shares, so definitely not a £1000 cap