We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

(Tom Halloran) #430

Over £1.1m raised already seems like pretty good going for the first two hours (a cool £7,600 per minute by my calculation)

Is there anything to stop existing investors filling the entire round before it gets opened to other users?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #431

yes there isn’t enough of them :slight_smile: 7000 existing investors ish x £2000 max

snap Nick

(Nick) #432

Yes, maths.

Number of existing investors x investment limit is < total available shares

(Tom Halloran) #433

Ha ok, that figures

I remember reading that 40,000 people tried to participate in an earlier round so I was thinking that number might be much higher

(Justin) #434

It would be interesting to know how many have already invested, so we could work out the average investment per investor - and begin predicting how much will be left for new investors.


500k is mine :wink:

(4 Round Investor) #436

Anyone else on Android have to tap to increase shares required unlike the pots feature where the number pad can be used 249 taps required hopefully it’s worth every tap

(4 Round Investor) #437

Question will this crowd funding feature be rolled out via the marketplace?


“This is not a short-term investment: Monzo isn’t listed on the stock exchange, and you
won’t be able to sell your shares until we make them
available for the general public to buy and sell.”

Is there any plan on this? Any estimated timeline?
Apologies, I suppose this has been asked before but I couldnt find the info on here.

(Is Santa here yet?) #439

Nothing firm has been announced but I think the assumption is a few years. Plan for 5 years at least for your money to be locked away for


Thanks @Rat_au_van!
Living in the U.K. is one condition to be able to buy shares. Would I still be able to keep my investment if I moved abroad within these 5 years (providing that I kept my Monzo account active)?

(Is Santa here yet?) #441

Honestly don’t know but I haven’t heard you can’t. Previous rounds were open to those outside the U.K. but the size of this raise meant it couldn’t be offered to non U.K. residents. I think it’s the buying rather than the owning outside the U.K. that’s the problem this time.

I’m sure someone will correct that if I’m wrong

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #442

I would be 99% certain that having fulfilled the criteria to purchase the shares and then moved abroad you would still own the shares


How could they take them from you?

(Excited about Christmas) #444

Seems like the initial surge has died down. Definitely plenty left for new investors!

(Jack) #445

I imagine it may pick up again after work hours. But you’re right the initial surge has likely passed.

(Shahin) #446

@Monzo is it possible to exclude the crowdfunding investment from Summary? it does not seem to be an option currently, it just messes the whole Summary/Budget experience. Thanks


At this rate there might be £18,000,000 still left for others - that would be awesome :sunglasses:

(Excited about Christmas) #448

Yes - there’s a toggle on the page of the transaction itself.

(Shahin) #449

i cannot see it for this particular transaction for whatever reason. if you invested today, can you see it on the transaction?