We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

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To be fair the question was asked yesterday at 10:30 in the morning.

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Thank you @michaelw90 :slight_smile:

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Ha! Good point, well made.

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Anyway, I’ve already sent a message directly to Tom.


I’m really sorry you’ve not received a reply on that question, I’m not fully clued up - but we have no current plans for further crowdfunding, but if the business needs it, it would definitely be something we consider.

@tristan may know more :blush:


There are also 4 people on the ‘looking to buy Monzo shares’ thread who’ve been asking for some explanation about £175m of extra shares issued and we’ve not had a reply. Any ideas who to contact @BethS?

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Hello! I’m really excited about the possibility of investing a little next week and my son was also. However I have just read that he needs to be over 18 although he’s been allowed to open an account at 16. Why isn’t he allowed to purchase? Thanks

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presumably you need to be 18 legally to own shares outright

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I can’t find a definitive ruling, but there’s this;

Also, from Crowdcube


Unless you are planning to invest the maximum, couldn’t you buy some for him and gift them on his 18th?

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As I’ve told him about them and he said he wants to invest a bit I said I’ll buy under my name for him. My investment will hopefully be for both of my sons to benefit one day anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though :blush:

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Thankyou! Really appreciate that. I’ll have a read


Good plan, the delayed gratification will be good for them! :wink:

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Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved to your question to the main thread just so other people can find the same answer easier. :slight_smile:


I don’t know the answer to that one, I’ll try and find out :slight_smile:

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I thought you were unable to invest @Zvezda? You imply here that you don’t have a Monzo account which sadly excludes you from this round. Even if you opened an account on the day you posted this, you would still be too late.

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(This information might already be in some other post, but I could not easily find it… sorry if that’s the case)

On Oct 31, 2018 Monzo raised additional a further £85,000,000 (series E round), at a £1B pre-money valuation.

What is the current value per each share? (I assume that’s the price we’ll have to pay for the new crowdfunding round)

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the price per share in this next crowdfund round is 771p / share I believe

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Hey Ordog, i do have an account:) this was a question for one of my friends as she wanted to invest too but was not a customer at the time. Although she is now. Hopefully in the next round for her!

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No of course i don’t mind. If it helps others then that’s cool.