We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

(Natalia) #252

Yeah, no, I wouldn’t wear a t-shirt either… only at home

(Natalia) #253

Yes please!!!

(Hugh Wells) #254

We won’t know if it is enough until next week :sweat_smile: but we have been running platform load testing for the last few months to prevent exactly this :+1: We also have plans in place to make sure crowdfunding people don’t affect those just trying to do their banking :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed!

(Natalia) #255

Ok cool, fingers crossed indeed!! :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #256

1.2 million people logging in concurrently on December 5th.

Anyone smell burning?

(Eve) #257

I would like to petition for a Monzo mug

Monzo is for mugs!
(Nishant Agarwal) #258

I dont have Monzo account yet so if I open a new account today with Monzo am I eligible to apply for Monzo shares?

(Roman ) #259

Agree - would hope Monzo have done some load and stress testing so the system can cope with the high volume of logins during the 10am opening.

(Natalia) #260

No, sorry.

(Natalia) #261

Yes, sign me up :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Johnny Ellwood) #262

No im afraid


Yeah might be worth not doing any major banking on that day :scream:

(though I’m sure Monzo have it covered … just increase the size of the auto-scaling group guys!!)


Wish I had not speculated on BitCoin last December now.

My £90 would have been better served in Monzo, alas it is now only worth £13 !!!

That’s why I do not gamble big :moneybag: I always lose :frowning_face:


At least it wasn’t 9k…


You didn’t? :money_mouth_face:

Wish I had that sort of money to throw around lol


Absolutely not!! I don’t have £9 :disappointed:


@simonb @HughWells
Given Monzo are debiting our accounts instantly and the process is in-app, can we invest exact amounts (above the min £10) or will it be increments of £10 as on Crowdcube?

(Splodf) #269

@Theodore This was answered early on the number you’ll be putting in is the amount of shares you want to buy. With a limit at 259. So you’ll pay the exact amount.

(Splodf) #270

The big issue for me is which category do I tag this spend as!?


I didn’t see this and I’ve looked at a fair bit of this thread. Cheers for the info; good news!