We’re Building Monzo into a Marketplace

We’re talking to them. We have some constraints on what we can do right now from a permissions point-of-view. Hoping to test with them at some point.


My suggestion:

Don’t: Make it look like adverts for products.
Do: Make it look like a To Do List.

In fact make it a customisable To Do List.
e.g. If I’m going on holiday then what are the things I need to get done before I go.

That could be genuinely helpful.

Hold that list and let us go through each item and say “Done” or “Help”.

You don’t need to offer suppliers for all the things on the list, they are just things the traveller wants to remember to do before they go.
But you could gradually add to the list of what you offer.


Glad to hear they’re on your Radar. I discovered them through Revolut who notified me when I opened my app last week. They’re currently running an offer in partnership with Pensionbee, whereby once my old small pension pot that i forgot about with Willis Towers Watson is transferred over, then I get £25 cash bonus in my Revolut balance.

This for me is what the Marketplace should be all about. It prompted me to now research more about Pensions & how much I need to save to reach a retirement goal. Hope this feedback helps.

P.S. it’d be great also if Wealthify or Moneyfarm are also being tested.


Stop spamming across the board. Including dragging up 2 year old topics like this one :roll_eyes:


I’ve been a member of advfn since 2003 and whilst some knowledgeable people used to reside there and give excellent insight and analysis, I can truly say that their community has descended into the bog of eternal stench due to lack of moderation (shout out to @cookywook @simonb and team for keeping the bar so high here!) and they are stuck in a different place and time.

Clunky 90’s UI and populated by highwaymen and trolls. Only a site with a community in the gutter could think the best way to partner with a shooting star founded on transparency is to spam their forums, rather than what respectable companies are doing to partner (eg. Attend a Monzo event and speak to influential people, write a letter stating why they’d be a great partner, make a pitch video and send it to the team, etc etc?)

Partner at your own peril, @tristan! Their idea of a marketing campaign is a banner add with monkeys on it, when you whack the monkeys you get a pop up that launches a pop up :poop:


I’d be sold on this to be honest :speak_no_evil: :laughing:

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Would a marketplace ‘area’ be useful now that there’s savings, energy, Plus, loans etc? I know there used to be a test version with a cute little marketplace icon to access the area. Just wondered whether this is necessary or maybe accessing different components of the marketplace across the app is better?