We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

(Calum James) #29

The travel reports are a much more beautiful way to easily see my spending for a holiday, including how much I spent in the local currency as well as GBP, and (if I recall correctly) which categories I spent in.

I think it’s preferable to have such a beautiful, clear feature within the app than us having to make our own app or web app calling Monzo’s APIs to see that information. After all, if you’re doing that or exporting to CSV (which isn’t as beautiful, readable, or clear in my opinion), that surely means you do actually find value in that information and therefore that feature?

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(Allie) #30

Absolutely, and fair counter point - but what I want a report for isn’t necessarily a trip - it might be an outing within in UK (e.g. ‘what did I do last weekend in Bristol’) or it might be ‘What did I spend going out on Charlie’s birthday?’.

I can make any report I want by using the raw data and Monzo provides some great ways to get that - developer API access and CSV export.

That said, I also agree - this isn’t as quick and elegant. But maybe instead of just bringing back trip reports, creating some type of report dashboard that lets anyone write some basic code that will be used as the basis for a nice, pretty report would be awesome :smiley:


(Calum James) #31

I agree completely with all of that! :slight_smile:

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I know there might have been a lot of work in the background but logos on some Direct Debit merchants don’t really mean that information has been improved totally and it’s done - There is a lot more to be done IMO – Thread below has some great suggestions;



I agree, there is tons more work to do on DD enrichment. A few logos for some companies doesn’t really finish that


(Richard Cook) #34


We’ve moved [Android] Fingerprint lock support to Near Term

This should be coming soon. (Note: This is about lock support, rather than using your fingerprints for payments).


App Security - Still Nothing
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #35


Yay! Can’t wait for this to hit :smiley: Happy that it’s progressing faster than “12 Months” :joy:

Just need to get my hands on Monzo’s internal app builds :thinking::innocent:


(Jake Tame) #36

One thing thats missing is Updates to existing screens, payments, spending, categories…


(Micky) #37

Seems like a long wait(upto a year) before we start to see some of the cool stuff


(Richard Cook) #38

Which things in particular would you like to see sooner?


When will Monzo support Apple Pay?
(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #39

Where is Apple Pay?



Hong Kong and Shanghai would be a good place to start :wink:


(Adam Kendrew) #41

An update to the payments/payee tab would be nice…:eyes:

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(Harry) #42

Let’s not start the conversation again… :roll_eyes:


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #43

Where is Monzo Apple Pay? :upside_down_face:



I use a PIN for my Android lock screen. Will I have to change over to using a fingerprint lock, or would the Monzo app security be independent of this?

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(Micky) #45

More Pots functionality is one of the main things I’m looking forward to, along with market place and 3rd party integration for savings and investments

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(Simon B) #46

Update! Following some clarification from our Payments team, we’ve added PayM support to the Roadmap. It’s presently under “Long Term” but once some high priority projects are complete from that team, we’ll be able to clarify if we can move that to “Medium Term” :+1:


PAYM or link mobile number to bank account?
(Kevyn) #47

This isn’t done. It is far from done if only 50 companies have been upgraded. I only have 2 direct debits set with Monzo and 50% of them have not been improved.



One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen (when I was deciding to invest) was TfL integration, for example “click for refund” if it can tell you haven’t touched out. Do you think we might see things like that in the next year? The other thing I’d like to see is the ability to upload an Oyster card number so that you can use Monzo NFC as your travelcard (not PAYG)