We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

(Nathan) #143

Whilst this is ideal when using your phone which has the Monzo app on it, not so sure on how this would work when using say a computer?

(Jack) #144

it’s not often I’d be somewhere without my phone but it’s a good point. Maybe a fallback option would be required.


That is the worst implementation as your card can not be used independently of your phone. With a flat phone battery you can still shop online on your PC when only a password is needed, when you have to log in to the app to approve a transaction it makes the card useless without having the phone immediately available, that is a backwards move not an advance!

(Jack) #146

I disagree about it being a backwards move, but there should be a fail safe option.
You could argue the same situation with 2FA.

(Emma (still not the app)) #147

But if you can use a computer that means you are near electricity and can charge your phone :grin:

(Richard Cook) #148


We’ve moved Pay Nearby to Done!

(It’s now called Nearby Friends)

Community Roundup - 11/5/18
(Dafydd Thomas) #149


(Nathan) #150

Anyone from monzo able to give an update on the coin jar tidy?

I believe they said they would release an update via blog post or something about the hold up after the monthly update but this never came.

(Richard Cook) #151

We’ve got an update on Coin Jar coming later this month. Right now, the tidy up isn’t being prioritised and we’re working on other things. But we’ll definitely come back to it!


Other things :roll_eyes:

(Dan) #153

Apple Pay :wink:

(Nathan) #154

Cheers Richard :+1: appreciate the update

(Richard Cook) #155

More updates!

I’ve split Joint Accounts/Pots into Joint Accounts and Shared Pots. They’re slightly different features, but both very exciting.

Shared Pots is currently under Long Term on the roadmap.
And Joint Accounts is now under Near Term

Stay tuned for more news!

(Adam Kendrew) #156

This is exciting! :raised_hands:

Also, @cookywook - when you make updates to the board, could you post a link please? Saves scrolling up to the top post every time?

(Richard Cook) #157

No problem! I’ll do it for the latest one too.

(Richard Cook) #158

@nathanthomson8 Here’s that update!

(Nathan) #159

Thanks @cookywook

Extremely disappointing its been held off with no real answer as to when it will be rescheduled for but appreciate the transparency from the team.


I feel the same way as @nathanthomson8.

Can we at least know what’s being prioritised that’s pushed Coin Jar improvements further down the pecking order?

I would have thought that since the Current Account rollout was completed along with CASS that developments would come quicker, not equally as slow. :snail:

(Richard Cook) #161

Sure! You can check out what we’re planning to release this month in our May update. Does that help? :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #162

So from the blog post for May:

Summary :recycle: Ongoing
Edit Payments & Standing Orders :recycle:
New Categories :white_check_mark: Done? Added 2 new categories
Pot Tidy Up :x:


  • Pay Nearby :white_check_mark:

Missed anything? @cookywook