Want to contribute to research on challenger banks? So give a chance to this topic! :)

Hi! I am once again counting on you! :slight_smile:

I study informatics and econometrics at the University of Warsaw in Poland and this year I am writing thesis about current position and development prospects of the challenger banks in the UK (and not only UK) banking sector. I will be very grateful if you will help me by filling in this short (about 2 minutes), completely anonymous form. Thank you! Your support is invaluable.


is it the same one as this one ? you could have added it to your other request for help rather than starting another thread maybe ? yes I know it wouldn’t have got as much attention :man_shrugging:
but it looks like its the same survey …

Completed :slight_smile:

The difference I see is that this new post also says “not only UK”. I’m a US customer, so I wouldn’t have touched the other one. This one I answered.


Yes, that’s the difference. I’m relatively new and don’t know how to delete the previous post :frowning: