Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

Quite a wide range! This month’s plant was a Streptocarcus and I’ve had an Asplenium, Spider Orchid and a Prickly Pear amongst others

I do buy plants from Patch as well as Elm but prefer to get them from local nurseries where possible.

Tell me about it… they’re taking over my house now! I had to stop myself buying a new Sansevieria the other day. The only plant I’ve killed over the last year is one that’s supposedly indestructible :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m really into hanging plants at the moment and I’ve got a BEAUTIFUL string of hearts. I want a String of Turtles, but they’re really hard to get hold of. One of my favourite garden centres for houseplants is Hayes Garden World in Ambleside. They have a massive range and they’re pretty inexpensive. You’ll find me making the three hour drive on the 13th June if all goes to plan :wink:


Smol now calculate these little graphics to demonstrate our impact just from using their product.

I wish I knew the breakdowns have how these are calculated otherwise they could just be making it up for all I know. Savings pass on to me definitely seems a bit a sus.


Yeah not worth the screen real estate it’s on, it’ll be compared to some leading brand.

I know for a fact I can walk to local supermarket and buy a hell of a lot cheaper. The product still cleans as well and is cruelty free. I like the idea of SMOL though so that’s why I use it.

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Got a little excited then and was about to ask which one? But it’s probably not a capsule is it?

Edit: or I suck at reading and you’re describing smol! 🤦

I wish Method would expand the rest of their line up in the U.K. they have cruelty free capsules in other countries. Or I’d settle for the return of their pump detergent.

I just can’t be doing with the messy hassle that is powder and liquid.

It’s Aldi washing tablets (liquid tabs), only issue is they come in a plastic container, so it’s got that against it.

Edit could me be who’s full of flu still messing up what I’m trying to type :sweat_smile:

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Just stumbled across these today as a potential alternative to smol’s capsules. Laundry sheets sound like an interesting concept. May have to try these and see how they stack up.

£6.95 for 40 washes vs smol’s £4.50 for 24. About 17.4p per wash with eco laundry club and 18.8p with smol. Double that if you typically use 2 per wash.

The on boarding flow looks very similar too. 10 day trial, just pay the 99p postage.

Curious what others here think of this. In contrast to smol, there seems to be a lot less influencer hype speak and MLM style talk in their self promotion, information, and branding, which I love.

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I’ve switched from Smol to Splosh - their mega size works out at 10p per wash:

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There are so many decent liquid alternatives to Smol, it’s just too messy for me! The caps get all sticky and gross, so does the bottle because the liquid runs down the side, and then when it comes to the task of actually aiming it into the detergent draw, all my archery skills go out the window and I’ll almost always spill some of it!

Liquid detergent always seemed to result in a buildup of some weird black mould looking gunk inside the detergent drawer too which was a pain to clean, and I don’t seem to get this build up with capsules.

Prior to smol though, Method used to have this take on liquid detergent with a pump mechanism. This was liquid detergent without the mess, and had similar refill packs as those Splosh ones. A £14 refill would last me at least 300 washes (about 4p per wash). I very much miss this detergent, and would use it again in a heartbeat if it ever returned. Looked something like this:

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Yeah, got one of those under the sink too, waiting to see if the refills come back.

Splosh do two caps for laundry, standard is the one where you pour the amount into the top then into the laundry drawer, slightly messy. They’ve also got one that they say replaces liquitabs with a Clever Cap which I need to take a look at next.

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