Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

Just see this from SMOL


I’m getting straight on that! :astonished:

Been using them for a while, they seem to work just as well as any other branded tablet

I pay £15 for a box of ultra concentrated powder. It does 400 washes

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I got the email the other day about smol doing dishwasher tablets now. Has anyone tried them?

I signed up after learning about their washer pods from here and I’m curious if the dishwasher ones are any good. The pods for clothes are very cheap compared to brands but the dishwasher ones are a bit more expensive (3/5in1’s from Wilko Asda etc. are only about 2 or 3 pound and are generally quite good)

Looking at the dishwasher option as you posted but doesn’t say if includes rinse agent or salt stuff, we’re as Finish Powerball Quanrum does :wink:

I’ve been using them, seem to work fine. It’s pretty hard to tell how one compares to another really! But no problems in my dishwasher. I only run mine once a week at most (live on my own so its easy to just clean up as I go, I only use it if I’ve had guests over and have a lot to do) so my trial pack has almost run out but I’ve set the renewal not to happen until July as I’ve still got a box of Finish tablets to use up too). I’m happy to keep using Smol for dishwasher and laundry, if for no other reason than their packs are really small and fit nicely under my sink!

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I’ve been using the dishwasher tablets for a while, family of 4. They’re not worse than finish/fairy tablets? The dishes come out clean and it doesn’t seem to leave any residue, not really much else to say about them.

I only put the dishwasher on once a day so the pack lasts a while.
They’re smaller than other tablets (photo includes pound coin for reference)

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I wanna try them but I use these and they work out a little cheaper


I’d just go with whatever is cheapest, if you care about recycling then get the cheapest ones that don’t come in wrappers.

The Smol ones have a dissolvable wrapper the same as the fairy tablets. However, I’m not convinced that dissolving the wrapper is any better than the throw away plastic wrapper.

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I’m not fussed, I just go with what I’m used to but I use Smol for washing and it’s ok I guess. Stuff comes out clean…

I think I might be done with Smol.

The mailman, twice, instead of putting the box through the door, has left a pickup card. The effort of me going to the depot defeats the entire point of the process.

And now, I was charged about 11 days ago for Smol and they’ve not shown up. I ran out, so I ended up buying laundry soap from the store anyway. Which also defeats the point.

I realise the former point isn’t Smol’s fault, but I already complained to Royal Mail and the same happened again. I’m really not interested in jumping through hoops for something as basic as laundry soap so I’ll just go back to buying it on Amazon Prime Now with the rest of the groceries.

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It happened to me where they tried to deliver and the guy never did and left a card yet they have delivered to mine before. I contacted Smol and they sent a new one to my office and I have it sent there now.

Just signed up for the trial of Hi Waldo.
I did the week trial from Specsavers ages ago and never bothered getting any more after that. How does the price of the Waldo ones compare? I’ve never had to buy contacts before.

I feel your pain - this infuriates me with Royal Mail. If it’s not a letter, I feel like Royal Mail are on par with Hermes as a not so great delivery service.

I think Waldo is £25/m? I signed up for the trial of Waldo but never ended up using them as was very impressed with Daysoft. Ramble below…

I was with Specsavers (£25/m for 28 pairs), ultimately ended up switching from them to Daysoft after a recommendation in this thread

…and I’m so glad I did - not only is the cost almost half (£13.50ish for 30? pairs), you don’t get the crap I experienced with Specsavers such as delivering me the wrong contacts twice in a row (to this day I still have ones I can’t use in my drawer!)

Additionally, I’ve just found they fit much better. Every few days I’d have trouble with the SS ones but I rarely have troubles with the Daysoft ones.

Only thing I wish Daysoft offered was subscriptions - e.g. heres my card, I want them every month, just bill my card and send them to me. Unfortunately I have to go to their site every month and go through the checkout myself to order a months worth. Not the end of the world but would be a nice addition!

Again, YMMV but that’s my experience.


Here’s a referral for Waldo if anyone is interested: https://hiwaldo.mention-me.com/m/ol/vp3fy-josh-williamson
We both get 7 quid to put towards an order.

Here you go 11p per wash :wink:


Very nice arrangement too :slight_smile:

On Smol, I tried their dishwasher tabs and while they are a bit smaller than the standard the space saving, for me, isn’t that much of a luxury, and the dishes come out just as clean as with any other tablet I’ve used.

I’m back to these, Tesco’s own brand, 85 tablets for £7, sometimes on offer. About 8p each.


They seem to do a really good job as far as my dishes are concerned, and don’t need 4 lots of plastic boxes posted for the same price - and the box is all cardboard so easier to recycle.

So on that front, the laundry pod wrappers are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (link, link), which dissolve in water, and degrade into CO2 and Water, and will effectively be removed from the waste-water when it gets treated.

From what I can tell, better to use a something wrapped in PVA than it is in plastic, if that plastic wrap does not/cannot get recycled.

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