Waiting list not going down

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Hey @jjstones19!

I’ve just sent you one :raised_hands:


Would be interested to know how Monzo is ramping up the card production/shipping to cope with more users in the waiting list? There always seems to be a significant waiting list, which whilst good for marketing purposes does seem to be causing a lot of frustration from new users?

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The waiting list is something we will be reviewing in the future.

At the moment, I think the plan is to keep the waiting list for the foreseeable future, and especially until the end of the prepaid programme. We anticipate that we will start receiving large volumes of card orders from those still on the prepaid programme before and after the 4th of April (when we close the programme). We need the flexibility to reduce the number of people we take from the waiting list as new customers, offering priority to those with prepaid cards who may be relying on the card and need a replacement urgently (because it will have/imminently stop(ped) working)


Just curious as to whether the amount of cards requested has been growing substantially over time? As there has always seemed to be a fairly large backlog proportionally? Or is it that both production and card request have been growing similarly over time if that makes sense?

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Sure! I will go and seek out some data for you :mag:

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So, I’ve had a look at some data which I hope will help. I compared the card orders from 11-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 with 11-03-2018 to 17-03-2018:

March Total card orders as a % of total capacity % Upgrade % Waiting List Signups
Sunday 11th 66% 57% 43%
Monday 12th 51% 50% 50%
Tuesday 13th 63% 63% 37%
Wednesday 14th 55% 58% 42%
Thursday 15th 55% 56% 44%
Friday 16th 65% 67% 33%
Saturday 17th 48% 51% 49%
Febuary Total card orders as a % of total capacity % Upgrade % Waiting List Signups
Sunday 11th 45% 43% 57%
Monday 12th 43% 38% 62%
Tuesday 13th 37% 41% 59%
Wednesday 14th 34% 37% 63%
Thursday 15th 44% 46% 54%
Friday 16th 53% 58% 42%
Saturday 17th 38% 42% 58%

This comes with a few caveats:

  • I’m not a data scientist and I calculated these percentages by hand (before I found the CSV output option :see_no_evil:)
  • This represents a very, very narrow segment of data.
  • It doesn’t include replacement cards

However, with my untrained eyes I can see:

  • Upgrades remain the majority of card orders for now
  • Card orders have increased in this week in March, compared with the same week in February

I haven’t drawn a graph. If you want, you can make a shiny one :slight_smile: I hope this helps :+1:

No more waiting list!
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I’ve always been a fan of an exploded pie chart myself.

Interesting data but the highest has been 66% of capacity. Why not run it at 90% and cut the wait? Unless I’ve misinterpreted what you mean by capacity

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Good questions!

Capacity is the total cards we can produce per day.

A couple of reasons, as I say this doesn’t include our replacement cards and we also have quite a few customers using the prepaid to move over to the current account. It is quite difficult to predict when people from prepaid move over (we send proactive communications) especially as we get close to the deadline.

I think once prepaid is closed, and we’ve dealt with the bulk of people that are going to upgrade and need more cards, we’ll be in more of a position to look at this. At the moment, I don’t think we have the staff capacity (with migration ongoing) or the operational flexibility.

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Thanks for explaining, I didn’t think of the staffing aspect


So what is the capacity, for new cards in figures AND how many replacement cards on average are issued?

Do you perceive an increase or decrease in card replacement in future, perhaps from customers treating the card differently due to a difference in account type?

With the costs associated with issuing a card, say €40 for sake of argument, has any consideration been given to a charge if perhaps an accountholder has previously replaced a card, or to cover post to other countries if they chose courier over regular mail?

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Nope :slight_smile:

We ship all card orders abroad by courier (TNT and DHL) so customers don’t get the choice for it to go by regular mail. We don’t charge.

This is certainly an interesting metric, I’m not sure we have the data to judge that right now but in 6 months it will certainly be something to come back and look at.

I will have to check if I can tell you that - sorry!

See below :point_down:

I can’t find data for that right now, I suspect either two things here:

  • I’m being stupid
  • It is included in the data above
    I will see if I can find out :slight_smile:

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Poor Hugh. Came here to answer a simple question and had ended up doing a GCSE Maths exam :pensive:

If 2 trains leave a station 60 miles apart…

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We have two card suppliers, not one as on the prepaid programme. (You may remember we had card production issues a while back in late 2017 where another supplier had issues with new equipment - the redundancy here is to avoid that).
Card orders are split between the two companies. One company takes orders, up to an amount between certain hours. Outside of those hours, and when there is overflow, another company takes those orders.

This gives us some operational flexibility and our max capacity is currently below 10k/24 hours.

No more waiting list!
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Hi Hugh I am on the waiting list. Can you bump me up the list so I can become a Monzo customer asap?

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@robertshanley here you go:


How many people in the waiting list now, out of interest? Only you queuers can see!

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@HughWells can you answer this? How many people currently in the waiting list?

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@HughWells do we have any ideas about this Hugh? I would be interested to know how the size of the waiting list has changed post prepaid…


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It’s about 7 to 8k at any one time :blush: I’m afraid I don’t have the metrics to hand regarding prepaid :no_mouth:

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@HughWells Is there a bug with the queue length? Someone posted this on Twitter a few hours ago and it’s a lot higher than you mentioned :rocket:

Just letting you know incase it needs fixing. I know there was a bug with it previously showing over 100K