Waiting for my Monzo Card

(Maureen Wade) #21

No still in the waiting line.

(Maureen Wade) #22

Decided it seems very iffy and not to bother. Going to my own exchange one that uses a more legit way of business.

(Henry Pedro) #23

i reckon you should holla at @alexs

(Alex Sherwood) #24

You’re right :slight_smile: I just sent @Fab65 a DM.

(Henry Pedro) #25

that was meant for @Fab65

(Henry Pedro) #26

beat me to the punch

(Florine) #27

I’ve got a similar question as the original. I’ve requested my mondo card 5 days ago and only moved forward to spot 1105. I’m leaving om holiday May 12th, so how can i make sure I receive the card in time?
(Also given my absence of twitter so no golden ticket…)
Thanks for your help, F

(Maureen Wade) #28

Hi I was concerned but contacted them by email and explained and they got it sorted very quickly. Kind Regards

(Rika Raybould) #29

You can either check out our Golden Ticket thread or tell Monzo support that you’re going on holiday, they can sort something out. :thumbsup:

(Karyn) #30

Hi, I’m going on holiday on the 5th August, I applied for a card today, will it come through in time?


(Tom Warren) #31

Have you just joined the queue or have you reached the top of it?

(Karyn) #32

Hi Tom,

I just joined today however I found the post the golden tickets so I now have one of these. I assume the card should be with me in a few days once I have gone through the identity verification?


(Tom Warren) #33

You’re spot on, once passing the verification and topping up it’d be a matter of days. Most of the time it’s two business days but can differ depending on location and Royal Mail etc

(Nadeem Malik) #34

I live in saudi arabia and my daughter recommended Monzo but it is not available. I am in UK for few weeks and would like to get Monzo card while I am here.
But when I try the application still treats me as if I am in saudiarabia although I have put a UK sim.


Maybe try and reinstall the app? It might do the check only once and when it detects you’re not in the UK it caches it in the app so even if you are now in the UK (or more specifically, using an UK IP address - that’s how they tell where you are) it doesn’t bother to check again and assumes you’re still in Saudi Arabia.

(Marta) #36

I’m not sure if temporary address in UK is enough to get Monzo (and I’m not Monzo employee so I can’t really advise!).

I would recommend emailing help@monzo.com and explaining situation, they can fix your address and/or explain if you can get Monzo account.


My understanding was you have to be resident in the UK. That does not mean popping over on holiday or a business trip, or having friends or family in the UK and pretending you live at their address, or some hotel or motel.

(Marta) #38

@anon44204028 I’m focusing on best advice that won’t be an assumption, a guess or simply misleading. Since I’m not Monzo employee, my best recommendation was to speak with Monzo directly.

(Marta) #39

I asked @RichardR, he confirmed "The only hard rule is that we send the card to a UK address.":slightly_smiling_face:

@nwmalik my suggestion seems to be solid, please get in touch with help@monzo.com :slight_smile:


While the Monzo FAQ on their website is very vague and does not give details, the processes they use to ensure KYC compliance entail checking various UK based sources to prove your ID and residence. They do not check foreign databases nor do they use companies like IDnow so they do not have adequate systems in place to ensure KYC compliance for non-residents. However they have plans to use a similar company when the current accounts are launched so this will enable them to expand what applicants can be accepted in future.

Also the card is currently run under an agreement with Wirecard and while that agreement contains age restrictions it could potentially contain geographical limits too.

Various staff like Naji have said before to interested enquirers from outside the UK that they can not get a card and will have to wait for Monzo to expand into other countries, so just having a holiday for a few weeks here does not legally alter the position that they are not UK resident.

Granting a card to anyone who provides a UK address makes a mockery of the current restrictions as any holiday maker or anyone with a friend here could apply, yet up to now there have been restrictions if for no other reason than to control the quantity of applications.

There are also national and international embargos on the provision of financial services to citizens and residents of certain countries and Monzo will have to have systems in place to ensure that compliance prior to changing their current UK only rule.

Monzo have even been strict in their interpretation of UK before with some discussion of weather to extend the right to get a card to people in the Crown Dependencies. They would not have bothered with that discussion if they were freely dishing out cards to non-residents