Waiting for current account, can't access PP transactions on app


I’m waiting for my CA card to arrive and the screen is just showing the animation - how can I get back to my transaction list for pre-paid?!


Force quit the app and re open it. You should be ok then. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Also a reminder to self - close down your apps - soooo many of them open!


If you’re on iOS you shouldn’t do this, it causes extra power to be used when you do open them again so your battery life will be shortened. iOS has very good memory management so having the app still showing in your task switcher isn’t a bad thing in most situations.


Yeah but it looks so untidy. So I only re-open them again when I’m on charge :wink:


I do close my apps on my iphone as if I have too many open it slows the phone down.

Don’t do it!


MAN!!! all this conflicting info!

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Yeah, I’m with @caspararemi on this one :slight_smile:

Is that really a big of a deal? I close mine very often and by end of day I am still on about 60% charge and then charge it over night. Been doing this for years with no problems.

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