Wait List and Timing


I was wondering the purpose of the wait list…and the timing it takes from
sign up to getting an account established.

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Hey there! At the moment there’s no actual specified wait time since for the moment we are only handing out cards at in-person events.

What we are doing is using the list data to understand where the demand is. At an unspecified date in the future, this will “graduate” to us sending out cards in the mail, but we are a way off from that point right now.

Hi Simonb,

Do you have a list of your in person events and dates?


We haven’t announced any more yet, but as soon as we do they’ll be posted here :grinning:

Is this the only way to get up and coming information?..or will you email/text users?
Seem like a hassle to keep checking a chat room for updates.

We’ll also be emailing, are you already on the waitlist? If so, then there’s nothing else you need to do :grinning:

Is it possible to get a card by popping into your Santa Monica office?
I’m in the area frequently :slight_smile:

:thinking: We don’t have a base in Santa Monica! We’re in Hollywood at the moment. I don’t believe this is something we can facilitate just yet, but I will double check with the team and let you know.

That would be great if I could just swing by and pick one up!