If I switch my bank account for my direct debits, wages to go in here do I have to give work my bank details or do you do it

You’ll need to speak to your Payroll department and inform then you want your wages paid into a different account, I believe they’ll need the sort code, account number and bank name/address.

They do tell your employer but it’s always worth double checking not only your salary but all important payments in or out of your account. Sometimes it’s down to a manual action instead of an automated one and humans forget or make mistakes.

After switching, if your wages arrive in Monzo, don’t assume that they have your new account details. They might have sent it to your old bank who then automatically forwards it to the account you switched to. That happens for a period of time (I have two years in my head but might be wrong). As above, always check.

Always make sure you’ve told your employer to be sure, my employer doesn’t act on notifications from the bank about account details changing, it’s to be completed on their online HR portal where the change is then documented and processed.

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