VR headsets

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After a fair bit of googling I’m still none the wiser. I’m wondering whether instead of having to buy a new tv, I could buy a VR headset to play Xbox games.

I like the idea of a VR headset as you don’t need a dedicated room. You can still play if the tv is being used etc.

Is it possible to do this? I don’t want to be buying a gaming PC to stream through. I just wondered if there was someone who knew if it’s possible just to have an Xbox on and stream to a VR headset. Whether there would be lag, huge loss in resolution compared to a HD tv. Or anything to note I haven’t thought about.

Most topics on google about this are a couple of years old so I don’t know if any new tech had come out that makes it possible.


As an Xbox gamer, as far as I’m aware they don’t make or support any VR Headsets at the moment, they’re focussing more on their Hololens which is based on AR and not available yet.

Playstation are the only console with VR I believe

Don’t forget about Nintendo Switch!

Totally forgot about Labo!

I have seen setups where you can setup an Xbox with the oculus app, which streams to a PC, which then you can plug in a VR headset.

I just didn’t know whether there was a headset out there where it’s control box (for want of a better word) has a HDMI input for instance.

Certainly a gap in the market!

From a quick search that I just did, you can use the Playstation VR Headset as a monitor for an xbox but do you need to have a Playstation as well for it to work

Xbox would likely have to allow their platform to work with VR headsets for someone to make one. The scenario you describe sounds like someone is streaming their xbox to their pc, then using their PC through VR.

I remember, many years ago, before VR was really a thing, sony used to make a head mounted display that functioned like a TV. I believe they were trying to create a more immersive way of watching tv.

Here you go:

Apparently the Oculus Rift works

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Although non-vr games work in VR like a viewing a massive TV… Bear in mind playing non VR Games can cause terrible motion sickness!

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Is it bad that I want a VR headset just for the new Half Life :cry:

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No - that looks absolutely amazing!

I completed HL and HL2 (outstanding game, beaten only by Portal 2 IMO) and also the fan-made Black Mesa - but this looks awesome.

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I’m in the same boat!

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As detailed above the technology does indeed exist to do what you’re describing.

I wouldn’t recommend any of the available headsets for extended use though - certainly not to replace a more traditional screen. I’ve found that the current tech just isn’t suitable for extended use - it’s not comfortable for one. No doubt they’re impressive and super desirable but I’d say more as a nifty gadget if you can afford it.

In fact this is probably the reason you found most of the information online to be a bit dated: there was a tonne of buzz about this when they first launched but people realised the limitations of the systems and put them away in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

Quite a bit of a leak


Edit; verge link

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Had me excited for a moment then. I find it so strange that there isn’t a VR headset that has a box with a “hdmi in” that will stream to the headset.

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HDMI doesn’t have the bandwidth to carry a decent VR signal. You might see that change now that HDMI 2.1 is becoming a part of newer products.