VOXI no longer has an age limit

They started out limiting it to under 25, then under 30 but now they’ve removed the age limit completely.

They have a special offer until July 10th with extra data too, I just swapped from an O2 30 day rolling deal at £21 for 6GB to VOXI at £15 for 20GB. Unlimited minutes, texts and social media if you’re into that too.

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Three have a much better offer.

You get unlimited data calls and texts for £20 per month amongst a bunch of other stuff like roaming and using as a hotspot etc.

If you go through quidco you’ll get £70 cashback too :blush:

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But that’s a 12 month deal, I like 30 day rolling so I can chop and change


That’s true and a good point :+1:


Another thing to note about VOXI is that it runs from the Vodafone network, which typically has the best coverage in the country. It also includes roaming, as well as unlimited MMS which is usually an expensive extra with other providers.

I wish they would enable WiFi calling to VOXI rather than just the main Vodafone customers though, that would be useful in areas with bad or no signal.


This is true, I’ve travelled a lot and voda has by far the best roaming.

I switched from EE to Voxi a few months and I am pretty impressed. Just switched to the 8gb plan (nice that its available to existing customers although I guess thats the benefit of PAYG). Don’t miss VoLTE or Wifi Calling. Coverage is good, speed seems good, customer services was decent when I had questions about the switch. The free MMS thing is something that surprised me. I have a few friends who for some reason refuse to use any messaging service so being able to send photos to them for free is nice.

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Is it website based or is there an app?

No app but the website is decent

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Is it similar to giffgaff where you pay for your plan and you pay for additional credit if you want to make calls outside your plan?

You need to add credit to call internationally and non inclusive.

You can also add unlimited music and video services for £5 and £7 respectively.

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There is a website (no app), but it is mobile friendly and I have bookmarked it on Android so it is easy to press one button on my homescreen and check it. Plus, I don’t find myself checking how much data I’ve used every 20 minutes, because I never run out with 8GB and unlimited social!


Just a word of warning with VOXI. I’ve just switched over to them and ported my number across. The day after my number got ported I had no service for 2 days.

They did eventually sort the problem out but support is very slow at the moment at replying.

I went with their 8GB for £10 a month deal. That seems pretty good compared to 8GB for £15 that I was on with Smarty. The unlimited social media usage should help me not eat into my data allowance.

Vodafone are also the only network to support RCS messaging in the UK. Think of it like the Android’s version of iMessage. I’ve tested this with VOXI on an Android phone.

Really? I ported my number over from O2 about 5 months ago and I didn’t have any service issues at all. They normally reply to me within 30 minutes on their Facebook Messenger account - shame you had a bumpy start!

I didn’t know about their RCS messaging support though, that’s good news!

I wasn’t the only one by the looks of it. There was plenty of people with the same issue on Facebook and Twitter.

I think with the age limit being lifted plus the data offer they are struggling with support times at the moment.

Good point actually, I don’t think they estimated the amount of new customers at once.

Really? I’ve found Vodafone to have the worst coverage, in and around London.

Vodafone users get 0 bars where I live.

VOXI does look ok but, if you want a lot of data it’s just so expensive.

I’ll admit I’m VERY lucky on my contract, as I’m on a retention offer with Three so pay almost nothing for unlimited data, but I’d never pay £20 a month for just 45GB.

Network coverage is a difficult one. I reckon most networks are pretty much the same when averaged out.

For example EE may be poor in one area and Vodafone great. But go somewhere else and that’s reversed.

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It’s highly area dependant. Vodafone is one of the best for coverage for example having the highest coverage for outdoor voice, where as for example EE has the highest coverage for outdoor 4g.

Vodafone isn’t the best for my location, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good service almost everywhere else.