Vouchers paid through Monzo

Hey guys.

Hopefully, I have put this in the right group.
I paid for some vouchers as a Christmas present in 2019, hoping to use them in summer 2020, then came covid.

The store I could use the vouchers on confirmed they were open and back to normal in July, but we were not able to go due to other commitments.
We have been trying to book the experience for November but we can not get hold of the company, they do not answer emails or the shop phone, previously the company was very quick at responding.

To find out if the business was still open I called the shop next door. The man next door confirmed the business has closed and they have removed all of their equipment.

I now have vouchers for a business that doesn’t physically exist (only on a website).
The merchant is non-responsive.
I paid for this in December 2019, Can I get my money back through Monzo?

Thanks for any help

I may be wrong, but I believe debit card purchases are covered only for a maximum of 120 days, so I don’t think it’s possible for you to start a chargeback at this stage.

Having done a quick google, this page seems fairly helpful/relevant:

So I think your first step is establishing for definite that the company has gone bust etc.

As @tbutz said, it’s unlikely as there is a 120 day limit. Find out if they really have gone bust, and make a claim to the administrator if they have.

I know it’s of no help to you now, but for any purchase for over £100, pay by credit card. Section 75 protection is really comprehensive and credit card providers have deeper pockets than small businesses.

See section near end " Gift vouchers when a company goes bust"… your only option would be a chargeback as you have paid with Debit… and you are over the limit time-wise as others have said. No harm in asking but given that at the best of times Which (who are pretty authoritative) seem to say that success is far from guaranteed it seems regretfully you may be trying to push water uphill with this one…

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