Vote ✅ - News Article's 📰 Title's Format

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Myself & @saveen Saveen have been trying to come up with a format that can be used consistently for posts of news articles about Monzo so that at a glance users can see:

  1. What they’re about
  • Who published the article
  • That they’re a news article

Point 3 will be solved when a new category for these posts is created :soon: but in the meantime, we’ve been using :newspaper: emoji as the identifier (search for :newspaper & only these posts will be picked up).

We wanted to give users a chance to vote on the format (posts with a different format will be re-titled once we’ve agreed what the format should be).

Please vote for the format you prefer from the options that we’ve come up with so far:

  • [Title] - Publisher :newspaper:
  • :newspaper: Article: [Title] - [Publication]
  • :newspaper: Article in [Publication] - [Title]

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If there’s another format that you think should be used, just post a comment & I’ll add it to the poll which will close at the end of the day on Monday, unless there’s a clear winner by the end of the day.

Could you also suggest ways that long title’s should be shortened, if you can think of an approach that can be applied consistently.



Turns out I can’t edit the choices for the poll after the first 5 minutes. Please post your suggestions as comments & we’ll count likes as votes for those alternatives. So you’ll need to choose between voting & liking a suggestion…

(Ben Green) #2

If you’re including the :newspaper: emoji then I think it’s fairly obvious it’s an article :wink:

(Jolin) #3

I agree with that. I voted for the second option, but would actually prefer:

:newspaper:: [Title] – [Publication]

That will give the most space for the title and publication. I wouldn’t bother shortening the title; the publication is of interest, but not likely to determine whether someone clicks on the post to read it or not, so if you can’t see the publication until reading the full thread, no big deal.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks, that sounds good to me.

(Saveen) #5

Great feedback! I have just posted a dummy topic (based on the previous article from The Guardian) in order to visualise this suggestion.

I think it looks good.

(James Billingham) #6

One quick point… do we actually want to be posting every news article to the forum? :confused:

I think it’d probably be too spammy. The rate of posting is already very high.

(james_e_bell) #7

Maybe it would help once there is a category for news. One alternate approach would be to have a ‘Monzo in the press’ topic and update/edit the top post when people add new articles (plus add them as comments)

(Alex Sherwood) #8

I don’t think Monzo get’s that much press, since I’ve been a member I think it’s averaged about 2 / 3 per week, is that about right?

To put that figure in context -

From -


From -

I think it’s good to have dedicated topics because it’s much easier for users to browse through the list of articles & find articles that they’re interested in. You’d end up with a very long thread of comments if it was just the one topic.

And I agree with James’ comment, they will be more siloed off once there’s a dedicated category.

We can always rethink this if the volume gets too high…


Yeah, the posting rate is pretty high. I’ve “blocked” a few sections to make it easier to try and keep abreast of what’s happening.

How would people know to maintain a standard article posting title format? Is someone volunteering to edit the title every time?

(Alex Sherwood) #10

That sounds like a good solution.

The same way as they pick up on the Monzo in X format I guess. But yeah, I’ll edit the titles & I’m guessing @saveen will too, if necessary.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

There’s an obvious choice now so I’ve closed the poll, here’s the results -

So it looks like we’ll be using this format from now on :thumbsup:

:newspaper: [Title] - Publication

Thanks everyone who voted!