Voluntary daily limit on card

It would be great if you could decide yourself what the daily spending limit of your card is.

This way you can decide how much someone who steals your card might spend, you can limit the damage from a big night out, control your children’s spending, etc.

In terms of UI it would fit into the app’s Account card component, in the same category of ‘Freeze card temporarily’.

I found some topics on increasing the limit, but it would also be great to be able to decrease it.

You can move all funds that you don’t want to spend into a pot. Just take out what you need for direct debits the day before.

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That would mean that you have to transfer the same amount of money from your pot into the current account every day, which doesn’t seem like a user-friendly method to me

Sneak peek implies there are rules for pots coming eg regular withdrawal or addition to pots. But need to wait until release to find out exactly how that will work



Have you seen.anything explicitly about withdrawals? I mean, it seems sensible to do it at the same time but the phrasing has always seemed to be specifically about money into pots…

(I ask as I’m keen to set up some regular automated transfers to externally savings accounts from pots and very much hope I’ve missed something! :pray::crossed_fingers:)

Nope but it has add and withdraw as the 2 tabs, seems possible. I’d imagine would just be withdrawal to main account rather than external

Also that’s why I said we’d have to wait and see :sunglasses:

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I’m just looking for some straws to clutch. And some hope. Gimme hope :wink:

(I know this’ll most likely come in months/years than weeks, but a guy can dream, right? :monzo:)

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