Vodafone UK

Anything to do with them buying o2.

Three customers have never had free access but why should people who don’t live in london have it included in their bill and pay for it.

TLDR they just need to build small cell stations in tube stations.

Three customers do have free access and have done for years, it’s just hidden in a drop-down underneath other providers so it’s not immediately obvious.



There’s no 4G connectivity on the platforms at most of the deep level tube lines. WiFi does have its uses, such as checking onward connections before you get to the surface ticket hall.


Sadly 4G across the whole Underground network isn’t expected until the mid-2020s (it’s currently in the trial phase), so Virgin WiFi provided a pretty acceptable stopgap. If Vodafone had chosen to remove Underground WiFi support after their Tube 4G network was fully operational then I’d have understood that (although those with a limited data plan probably would’ve still been rather unhappy).

I wonder whether this is related. Vodafone were a staunch opponent of Virgin Media’s merger with O2, so perhaps they’re trying to wash their hands of them all together.

I expect, because of the aforementioned merger, it’s only a matter of time until Virgin SIMs are switched over to the O2 network.

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I got a shock a few months ago whilst I was on the Jubilee line in the running tunnel, with full 4G signal. Made a FaceTime call to my family group, who were equally shocked to see me in a train going through the tunnel. Some people in the carriage thought I was faking it, until I showed them the call in progress.


I’m not looking forward to using the tube more and people facetiming to show them they are on the tube.

Three customers do get it, but it’s just a more arduous task to connect, at least initially.

The 4G on the Jubilee line is pretty good. Once this is more common on the tube then I can see an argument for mobile networks dropping their support for the wifi and leaving the wifi to be paid for by (mostly) visitors.

I exist to make your journey unbearable.


Here we go!


Vodafone doesn’t seem to be consistent with their push notifications for Friday offers (I missed out on a free meal deal a few weeks ago!) so heads up: free chocolate if you happen to be passing a Tesco store today!

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It’s just a gift voucher of £2 it can be used on any product, you can also screenshot the voucher barcode and use it later.

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Ah, they seem to always do that when it’s a Tesco offer! I use the Tesco Gift Card website to add it to Apple Wallet on my iPhone, which is pretty convenient.

Edit: didn’t work this time since there’s no gift card PIN provided in the Vodafone app for this offer. I’ll have to use the screenshot! :slightly_frowning_face:

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This is unbelievably lazy from Tesco / Vodafone.

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Not sure I quite like the look of that design :eyes:

You know that bit in Avengers where Iron Man is fixing the rotors on the helicarrier
and shouts at Steve to pull the lever?

Some poor pigeon will be in exactly the same position