Virtual cards question

So just signed up for virtual cards.
So when you use them to do they show the name on card to the person you are paying?
I see I can name the card to subscriptions or anything but lower down it says car number, then name on card - I wonder if that is visible to the person I am paying?

The “name on the card” is the same as your normal card.

If you use it in say Tesco, they never see the name on the card. But if you were to use it for Netflix, their checks would see if the name matches. If you fill in the payment form as MR J SMITH and you’re actually MR J JONES, this will likely cause a decline.

Are you hoping that you can use this to use another name or something?

That’s a shame. I was going to sign up to Monzo Plus so I can use my Drag name “Tess Tickles” for my online shopping. Looks like I’ll have to keep it to my real name :nail_care:


Couldn’t you still do that (with any card) by specifying a different delivery name and address?

Who knows. I’m not paying £5 per month to try it.

Well it was rhetorical. The answer is yes, of course you can, if you are shopping online and can specify a delivery name and address. My point was you can do it with any card for free.


You can open a Monzo business account under Tess Tickles name. And then have bank account and card with such a name.


Imagine :joy::joy::joy:

It seems I have seriously derailed this thread. Ooops :sweat_smile:

When you’re purchasing items for delivery they don’t get delivered to the name on the card it gets sent to whatever the name on the account is so the person packing your box doesn’t actually see your card details or the name on the card.

So in theory it doesn’t actually matter what the name on your card is as long as your account name is whatever you want it to be or in cases of Amazon you can set a different name for each address

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