Virtual cards for free accounts

As well as my Monzo acc I also have a Revolut account, it’s basic free account has 2 virtual cards I use a lot, one being a virtual card I can delete and replace as and when I want. The other being an online virtual card which replaces itself every time I use it, these are, as I already said, part of the free account.
I’m starting to use my Revolut account more and more just for these cards, Do Monzo have any plans to include something like this as part of there free account or will it be a upgrade account only?

There are no plans and since the paid for plans are pretty new still I can’t see them diluting this to give away features for free.

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You can have 5 virtual cards for free on Revolut (at any one time - there’s no maximum limit in terms of terminating them). The disposable one will just renew automatically each time you use it.

Virtual & Disposable are just the two different types they offer. It’s really important that these features aren’t paywalled if you want them to be a USP- virtual card is certainly more synonymous of Revolut than Monzo with people I know who use either app.

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