Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

Not sure if this was announced elsewhere but it looks like virgin money is now available in the connected accounts as a labs account. Seems to sync all the savings accounts too.

Note balance and transactions only, no easy transfers yet.

Complaint + feeling stressed about it = profit

Though in all seriousness, it is seriously not good to keep a product open, ignoring the customers instruction


Just received my promo code for 8,000 Virgin Red points for opening an investment account earlier in the year.

Shame the fund performance sucks…

I wonder what that is in Greggs sausage rolls!? :rofl:

Virgin Money offers market-leading 5.8 percent interest rate on fixed cash ISA (

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Are there any Monzo Plus users in here that can confirm if the Virgin Money Cash ISA product shows up as a connected account?

EDIT: I think I may have found the answer to my question in another thread… I echo the original sentiment, booooo!

Virgin accounts and Virgin ISA show up via connected accounts. I can’t remember if it is still in beta, and thus needs to “beta accounts” turned on under the labs settings in the app.

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It’s good they are being upfront with their customers.

Sidenote: I really hate the swirling text branding of Virgin Money :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I wonder what will happen to the virgin Atlantic credit cards. Nationwide has members only credit cards which are quite good. I wouldn’t see them doing rewards cards.

Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Money are different brands. Virgin isn’t one cohesive brand so Virgin Atlantic cards will continue, not be Nationwide branded even if the underlying provider is them.

Good point. They could go different ways. Maybe get picked up by NewDay as they do a lot of affiliate cards.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 16.24.36
Apparently Virgin Money are charging in USD now?


This means i’ll be back with Nationwide again :smiley:

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If you’re quick, you could get £200 for switching the Virgin account to Nationwide :grin:


I have had one recently though, probably too recently. as recent as last year

Yeah, if you’ve benefited from a CASS incentive from 18 August 2021, you’ll be ineligible, as am I :man_facepalming:

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