Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

It’s this service according to the policy document,

Seems decent but there are some limitations on what they will consult on.

The breakdown cover is subpar as there’s no onward travel or national recovery included.

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I mean I’m not 100% sure it bodes well that the GP service has this:


Total waste then :sweat_smile:

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I’m happy to provide a service like that too for £14.99


But they are okay prescribing medications according to the site lol, sounds like some overbearing lawyers.

Unless they won’t give more than paracetamol.

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There are a number of non-medical professionals who legally can prescribe, so I’m not suggesting that they are illegal or anything. I just wouldn’t want to go to a doctor with any kind of caveat like that - overbearing lawyers or otherwise!


Virgin Money have launched their new investment platform. I was persuaded to open an account for the Virgin Red welcome miles offer.

I just opened a GIA and the process was pleasingly straightforward. The new interface is a significant improvement on the older version.

Frustratingly, they’ve gone down the route of a separate app and website for investments. I’m now using three separate apps for banking, credit cards and investments. A bit clunky in my opinion.

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Bit of an update to how transactions look in the app coming soon.

In my opinion that looks ALOT better than how things are right now.


Meant to add this one too :slight_smile:
Definitely a good update when it rolls out!


Looks like it’ll be using the Apple Maps API which is super nice. Can’t stand Google maps


Not surprised the Southampton branch is closing, it’s in a very low foot traffic area and not on the high street with all the other banks so I imagine most people don’t even know it exists.

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I’m not surprised. They have a similar situation on their hands that Santander had when they bought up all the building societies.

I bet ours will be one of the ones to go at somepoint. Barely anyone uses them here. Probably more Chase and Starling customers than Virgin ones where I am.

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I can’t even work out where my nearest surviving branch will be!? I was a couple of bus rides from Bromley but even with Google Maps open I can’t work out the closest nearest… I’ve got as far as Brighton radius wise which is also closing and which isn’t even near. I’m sure now the answer is well over 40 miles!?

EDIT: I got the answer… 94.7 miles, NORTHAMPTON!? I am in Kent.

Looks like they are closing all their branches in London and perhaps also the South East…!

Wow! Such a good rate, Virgin! And up to 1/4 the amount of the rest of them

I know it’s usually up to £85,000, but I’m going off Chips £100,000

My VM accounts have been empty for ages.

No longer competitive.

Their cash ISA has gone up to 4.25%

I transferred mine out to Santander for that rate three months ago :joy:


Mine too, I even closed mine. I asked them to also close my savings, which clearly they’ve not done that, even though there’s nothing in it

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I asked them several times over the last 15 months to close savings accounts, but they’ve just ignored me too :man_shrugging:

Given up now and just leave them there, empty.

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From my experience write them a letter or email, to a branch. They have branch stuff that know how to operate the old, the new, the current systems to close those.

Include full name, address, account number. And make it zero balance such that they don’t need to withdraw money from it.

Others online in other forums have similar experience.

Or give up.