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Is the GP service UK based too?

Also. Anyone used the concierge service?

What service is this?

Apologies, it’s the VM Club M account, Β£14.50.

Travel/mobile insurance and breakdown.

Can’t workout if the GP service is available in the UK too?

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Looking on the site it seems that the doctors service is available at home or abroad…

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It’s this service according to the policy document,

Seems decent but there are some limitations on what they will consult on.

The breakdown cover is subpar as there’s no onward travel or national recovery included.

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I mean I’m not 100% sure it bodes well that the GP service has this:


Total waste then :sweat_smile:

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I’m happy to provide a service like that too for Β£14.99


But they are okay prescribing medications according to the site lol, sounds like some overbearing lawyers.

Unless they won’t give more than paracetamol.

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There are a number of non-medical professionals who legally can prescribe, so I’m not suggesting that they are illegal or anything. I just wouldn’t want to go to a doctor with any kind of caveat like that - overbearing lawyers or otherwise!


Virgin Money have launched their new investment platform. I was persuaded to open an account for the Virgin Red welcome miles offer.

I just opened a GIA and the process was pleasingly straightforward. The new interface is a significant improvement on the older version.

Frustratingly, they’ve gone down the route of a separate app and website for investments. I’m now using three separate apps for banking, credit cards and investments. A bit clunky in my opinion.

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