Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

Just as I say nothing changes, something does!

The nav-bar at the top of the main accounts screen has changed from the previous custom button header, to the standard iOS design element of “pill shaped selector” (as Monzo uses on the payments tab). This was as of yesterday’s app update for me.


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Aye I’m sure it was all white or something before :joy:

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Yes it was - a white background with headings in one of the custom Virgin fonts.

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Virgin Money took so long to send that email out to customers that the Bank of England base rate has increased again, so their increase to the savings rate now looks out of date.


Time for another email then? :roll_eyes::grin:


Unfortunately I’ve been frauded so had to call up to cancel my card and get the transaction investigated.

10 mins in total on the phone including waiting on hold for a bit, didn’t have to give any telephone banking passwords or anything and they seemed to know who I was without me giving them any info (asked to confirm name and address), assuming they know via my phone number.

Card cancelled, new one on the way, pretty happy with the response.

Noticed in the app that when the card is cancelled this happens which looks quite nice. Shame that you can’t freeze the card in the app yet.